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Online video poker is just as thrilling as the one offered at physical establishments; however, it lets you play from the comfort of your own home. It is not considered the most popular of games, but yet it has its admirers and hence it is paid lots of attention by online casinos. If you want to become a pro in poker, you need to build a good strategy. But before that you need to learn the basics and practice as much as you can. The return to players on some machines is really good, so your efforts will pay out.

Online video poker is an excellent choice for people who do not have time to stop by at a landbased casino, people who are constantly on the go and the ones that prefer the privacy and comfort of their own homes. The odds are just as great and the gameplay is even more exciting. The games come with cool graphics and lots of different versions. Most of them involve five-card hands and a 52-card pack. The cards are dealt randomly – a surefire signal that the gameplay is fair. If you are reading this, then you would like to know more about video poker variations, so we are going to give you just what you want. Take a look.

How to Play Poker

online video poker tripleBefore you start playing any of the online video poker games, you need to decide on the amount of credits you are going to use on every spin. Normally, the number of coins allowed ranges from one to five. Of course, the more coins you wager, the bigger the chances of a successful outcome. Some machines give you the opportunity to choose how much you keep playing based on the amount of the credit. The pay table consists of different prizes that can be won by players. They range from smaller to bigger depending on how much you wager.

Now, when you insert coins into the machine (literally or figuratively), the game will start. The initial cards will be dealt. Typically, the deck consists of 52 cards and each player receives five cards in the beginning. Jokers may also be added to the pack. The goal of every player is to create a winning combination by holding the best hand possible. The prize gets bigger the better your hand is.

Strategy in Online Video Poker

If you want to increase your chances of winning, you need to know what you are doing. It is all about your video poker strategy. You have to decide which cards you want to keep and which ones you would like to dispose of when the first deal is made. Then your selections will be locked. Those cards you have gotten rid of will automatically be replaced with new ones. This is the final hand. Before you continue playing your next hands, you will get your payout; that, of course, if you have stricken the right combination. A multi-hand format is available in some online video poker games. You have to pay in advance. For instance, if you decide to play five coins per hand and you are playing on a 10-hand machine, you will have to wager 50 credits up front. In the beginning, you will be given the standard five-card hand, but you will be dealt new cards for every hand you paid for once you decide which cards you want to get rid of. There is a chance that you run into the same replacement cards since every hand is independently drawn. Just as it is with single-hand games, you will receive prizes for all your winnings hands.

Some players try to memorize different strategies for the same online video poker game so that they have bigger chances of winning. However, this is not really necessary. You do not need to learn the strategies by heart. You can read about them on many online resources while you are playing. The more you play a certain game, the more you will realize you do not need to use those memorized tricks. Practice will help you stay in control of the game and its possible outcomes. As you will see in time, strategies in online video poker are very intricate and complex, and it is not possible for all the resources on the web to cover them all.

Understandably, most players aim at hitting a Royal Flush, as it appears to be the hand that provides the biggest price. But even if you do not get the best hand, you can still end up winning. Of course, you have to play your cards right. Literally. Here are a few rules you need to abide by to be moderately successful. They work for all video poker machines online.

Main Details

  • online video poker guideManage your bankroll wisely. In poker, it always comes down to making the right decisions. One of the important decisions to make is how much money you should stake. A good rule of thumb is to think sessions. That is, try to determine the bankroll amount for a session. On many online video poker machines, it equals 50 times your stake. The maximum amount in most cases is 100x. This means that you should not add more money to your playing session. If you end up losing, you should consider very carefully if you wish to continue playing. This can be pretty tricky. On the other hand, if you win, you had better keep 50% of the winnings. That means you should continue playing with half the profit. This is a safe way to go. That way, if you lose the next session bankroll, you will still have half the money in your balance. One last thing to consider is when to quit playing. Ending an online video poker session too soon when you are still on the winning side is strongly recommended. This will also help you to get ready for the next gaming session. Without a doubt, one of the best ways to protect your bankroll is to stop playing early.
  • Insert the maximum number of coins allowed. This will increase your chances of winning. Generally speaking, most machines are programmed to calculate the payout by increasing the coin amount that is being played. Hence, the more coins you put in the machine, the bigger the chances of success. In addition, you should know that the Royal Flush has a different payout than most hands, which puts users at an advantage.
  • Choose wisely. It stands to reason to be picky when it comes to online video poker machines. Getting your hands on the right one can make a world of difference to who gets to win the game. In other words, it can affect the outcome. That being said, it is probably best to try all the machines in a casino before you build your strategy. Once you have played on all the machines, you can choose the one that seems to work for you.

Basic Strategy

In online video poker or poker in general, if you happen to have a pair of Jacks and four cards to a lower straight or to royal flush, break it up. Do not keep one high card only. Instead make sure to hold a low pair. Make sure to break up a Straight or a Flush when you have four cards in your hand. Get rid of the lowest card and try to get your hands on a better hand. You get the opportunity to strike a pair, Straight or Flush if you discard the lowest card.

Always make sure to keep a Straight, Three-of-a-Kind, Four-of-a-Kind, Royal Flush, two Pair, Straight Flush or a Full House. Be sure to get rid of the other remaining cards if you get the chance to hold Three-of-a-Kind.

Full Play Joker Wild

online video poker wildJoker Wild online video poker game comes in many variations. The game, as you can guess, is named after the special extra card in a deck of cards. Usually, the pack consists of 52 games. When it comes to Joker Wild, there is one more card in the pack, which is counted as a wild card. This is a joker and it is the 53rd card. Players can use it in combination with other cards to create winning combinations.

Flush and Full House payouts are quite high and they can extend your gaming experience if combined with the Joker (Wild card). You can generate good profits from mid-range hands because they are well-paid and they also appear often. If you strike the Royal Flush, you will get the biggest bonus (note that the Wild Card is not included here).

Basic Strategy

Depending on the type of online video poker machine, there are a number of possible combinations. Here are some tips and tricks to be successful:

  • If you have joker plus three cards to Royal Flush or joker plus a Three-of-a-Kind, be sure to get rid of the fifth card in your hand.
  • Make sure to hold all your cards if you have a Flush, Full House, Five-of-a-Kind, Straight Flush or a Royal Flush.

Hands to Play

Here are some hands that you should play in order of priorities when it comes to online video poker:

  • The wild card plus three cards to Straight Flush
  • A Straight
  • The Wild Card plus a Pair
  • Joker plus two suited high cards Joker plus two suited cards
  • Joker plus three suited cards
  • The Wild Card must be part of four consecutive unsuited cards
  • You should get rid of the remaining cards if you have only a joker

Deuces Wild

online video poker jokerWith this type of machines, there is usually a 0.7% long-term edge, giving players greater chances of winning.

    • Deuces Wild online video poker with Progressive Jackpot: Progressive jackpots are available with Deuces Wild. There is a high edge for people who decide to play on such a machine. When a jackpot is hit, the jackpot amount starts at 4,000 coins. Of course, it has to be said the Four-of-a-Kind payout is much smaller with regard to Deuces with Progressive Jackpot. However, the Flush and Full House payouts increase. If you have maximum coins, you will not get a bonus pay. It is Four Deuces that pay a second jackpot.
    • Full Play online video poker: If you want to be really successful, you have to insert all the five coins necessary per spin, on all spins. That way you can get a full pay. But, of course, you must use the strategy we mentioned above. Otherwise, you cannot take advantage of the increased jackpot.
    • If you strike Five of a Kind or Royal Flush with a minimum of one wild card, you will get a low price. You get the chance to come across rare hands like Four-of-a-Kind, Full Houses or Straight Flushes more often when they add four wild cards to the stack.

Gaming Tips

You will also get paid a smaller sum if at least one wild card is added to the Five-of-a-Kind and Royal Flushes. When they add four wild cards to the deck, the chances of striking the rare hands like Full Houses, Four-of-a-Kind and Straight Flushes get bigger and bigger.

Keep in mind that the most important factor when it comes to choosing a machine is the size of the progressive jackpot.

Basic Strategy for Deuces Wild

Now, take a look at the strategies that will help you be more successful when playing online video poker:

  • Keep your cards if you have two deuces and three consecutive suited cards. Also, hold your cards if you have a Deuce plus any Paid.
  • If you have two Deuces, plus two cards for Royal Flush, you should keep all the cards. If you have two Deuces, plus two consecutive suited cards – again – you should keep all the cards. If you have a Full House, do not dispose of your cards.
  • Feel free to dispose of your fourth and fifth cards in online video poker if you have three Deuces. Make sure to keep all your cards if you are holding Deuces with a Royal Flush, but stay cautious. Get rid of the fifth card in your hand if you are holding Deuces (four 2s). Also, keep all cards if you are holding two Deuces (Four-of-a-Kind) and a Pair.
  • If you are holding a Deuce and two Royal Flush cards, get rid of your fourth and fifth cards. If you only have a Deuce, do not discard your cards.
  • Make sure to get rid of the fifth card if you have a Deuce and Trips in your hand. If you have a Deuce and three Royal Flush cards in online video poker, again, get rid of your fifth card.

Multi-line Machines

online video poker 10 handInternet slots gaming inspired the creation of the multi line poker machines.The goal of this type of devices is to urge players to place bigger bets than what they have originally had in mind. They give you the chance to simultaneously make bets on multiple lines. There is a low base stake, which seems to be one of the biggest advantages of the machines. This is probably the reason why players are so attracted to this type of machines. However, the truth is that your chances of losing and winning are the same as when it comes to the other types of online video poker machines.

There are a multitude of Multi-line Poker machines and they have differences. The biggest one is that they offer users the chance to select lines depending on the initial draw or hold decision they have made.

Keep in mind that if you cannot obtain a winning hand, you will end up with a massive multiple line loss. This is one of the drawbacks of those machines. This is why before you begin playing on any Multi-line machine, be sure to look at the payout schedule and weigh down the advantages and disadvantages. It never hurts to calculate your chances of losing against your chances of winning.

Jacks or Better Strategies

If you are a beginner in online video poker, you are going to need more tips to build a successful strategy. It is not easy to play against the house. You need to practice a lot. If you are a high roller, you need to conduct significant research on odds, come up with different strategies and spend more time on improving your gameplay.

The basic Jacks or Better strategy involves the following tips:

  • Be sure to discard the fifth card if you get the chance to hold a Royal Flush to 4. You should do so even if you can get a paying combination with the card in question. Follow the same strategy if you happen to get 4 to a Straight Flush.
  • Carefully hold a hand of a Royal Flush, Straight Flush or a Four of a Kind in online video poker. It is very easy to make a mistake, especially if you get too carried away. Also, it makes sense to be just as careful when holding a Full House, Flush, Straight or a Three of a Kind. It never hurts to be extra cautious when you are dealing with these cards.
  • You should keep the two lower cards if you have a hand of more than two cards Jack or higher or only two cards Jack and Higher.
  • It is recommended that you dispose of all the cards if you hold a hand that is not winning.
  • Always make sure to keep the following combinations in online video poker: Two suited cards, tens or lower; Low Pair, 4 to a Flush, 3 to a Straight Flush, 3 to a Royal Flush, Jacks or Better; Pair, Two Pair; Jack or better, one card; suited K10, Q10, J10, Jacks or Better.

Poker Machines

Every poker machine has a screen which displays a few things, such as the cards that are currently involved in the game, the amount of credits on hand for the player, the payout schedule, as well as the winnings that have been granted to the player, if there are any.

The machines are grouped together in most cases. They can be grouped based on game variations or denomination of stake. They can also be placed in carousels or banks.

online video pokerTechnology has evolved and today they create poker machines with touch-screen features, which makes the game more fun. There are machines that have both buttons and touch-screen control. Players need buttons to choose the cards they would like to keep and the amount of coins they want to wager. They also use buttons to tell the machine to draw or deal cards. Additionally, video poker machines contain a special slot, which allows you to use your loyalty or slots club cards. The loyalty card is very common. Its purpose is to calculate how many bonuses and benefits a casino can provide its loyal and premium players with.

A typical video poker machine also consists of coin slots. When you insert your coins, their number is displayed on the screen. In most cases, the coin slot is located on the right of the screen in front of the machine. Truth be told, there are loads of video poker types. In addition, there are many different denominations. Some machines even offer denominations based on your location. This is a useful feature.

How to Choose the Best Value Machine for Poker

The Jack and Better type is the most common online video poker machine in the industry. There is a deck of 52 cards, containing no deal cards and no wild cards. The later are used to substitute any card a player needs to create a winning combination. In most cases, the Wild Card is a 2 or a Joker. Its purpose is to make a player’s hand the most beneficial when it comes to online video poker machines.

  • Jacks or Better (8/5): The prices with the 8/5 Jacks or Better machine are not very generous. The name comes from the fact that a Full House has eight coins and a Flush has five coins, unlike the Jacks or Better 9/6. This results in a smaller payout. With 8/5 machines, it is called Short Payback. This means that your chances of winning are smaller. You should think well before you play on such a machine.
  • Jacks or Better (9/6): This type of machines gives players higher chances of winning in online video poker because the payout is much bigger than that of 8/5 machines. The name of the machine also reveals the maximum payment you can get. The more coins you decide to insert into the machine, the more you will win. The Royal Flush jackpot never happens in order. Hence, it is recommended that you always use the maximum coins. That will increase your chances of winning and will also give you an advantage over the machine.

online video poker playThere is a progressive jackpot available on this type of machines. It can make for the lower wins for Full House and Flush if it is higher. If you are wondering whether to play on Jacks or Better, one of the main factors you need to consider is namely the progressive jackpot. However, being successful does not only include finding a generous machine. You will find that there are other crucial Jacks or Better machine varieties rather than the progressive jackpots. Four-of-a-Kind is an example of this.

  • Double Bonus Jacks or Better (10/7): With this type of machines, a Full House is paid ten coins, a Flush is awarded seven coins and s Straight is given five coins, at least in most cases. The payouts are really good, so you should consider playing this type of online video poker machines.
  • Double Bonus Jacks or Better (9/6): In terms of this type of machines, you have to strike a Three-of-a-Kind hand or you have to do better than that in order to generate any profits. If you strike Four-of-a-Kind, the payouts may be six times bigger than the payout you would usually get.
  • Bonus Poker Deluxe Jacks or Better (8/5): Any Four-of-a-Kind could bring you a huge bonus. Unfortunately, the payout is lower (as you can see this type of machines is 8/5), hence the bonus might in a way be neutralized. If you get to strike a hand of Four-of-a-Kind, you will take advantage of a very attractive payout during your online video poker game.

Poker Hands Explained for Beginners

If you are new to this, you need to familiarize yourself with the different hands you may get in online video poker and poker in general. Check it out:

  • Straight – with this type of hands, there are five unsuited cards that appear in consecutive order (for example, 8 9 10 J Q).
  • Flush – with this type of hands, there are five suited cards (i.e. they are of the same suit).
  • Straight Flush – with this type of hands, you have five suited cards that appear in consecutive order (for example, 4 5 6 7 8)
  • Royal Flush – this type of hands includes five suited cards that appear from ace to 10 in consecutive order, i.e. A K Q J 10.
  • Pair – this type of hands includes only one pair; for example, 7 7 4 5 6.
  • Two Pair – this type of hands has two pairs (4 7 7 K K).
  • Full House – this type of hands has a Pair and Three-of-a-Kind; for example, 8 8 K K K.
  • Three-of-a-Kind – this type of hands includes three cards with one and the same value; for instance, 7 4 A A A.
  • Four-of-a-Kind – this type of hands has four cards with one and the same value; for example, 5 J J J J.

Tips and Tricks for Beginner Players

online video poker mobileIf you are new to online video poker and you want to learn some tricks to become an expert among the players, we suggest you take a look at our tips:

  • Make sure to check all the machines available at a casino and choose the most generous one.
  • A Royal Flush hand can show up at any moment. It is just that it is not dependent on any factors. Rest assured that the machine will not trick you. When they deal the cards, it is about 100% randomness.
  • Whenever you can, wager the maximum (five) coins. The machines for video poker grant the highest hand a bonus, but only if all of the coins have been wagered.
  • If you are wondering where to begin with, the first thing that you have to do is to choose a game. If you are a beginner, you should stick with Jacks or Better online video poker, as it is considered easier for novices. Try to study the game and build a strategy. After that you just need to keep practicing until you become better.
  • If you find a machine that offers a double-up feature, make sure to take full advantage of it. There is no house edge for bets, which is why they are considered some of the best in the world of online video poker.
  • If you can, opt for a slot club card. If you are using one, just do not forget to regularly check the connection. Also, before you start playing, make sure that the machine can actually read the slot club card.

Why Play Online Video Poker

Video poker is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires strategic thinking. It is similar to playing chess or blackjack. Hence, people who enjoy games that are based on strategy will like video poker online, especially the one you can find on the Internet because it is easy to access from anywhere. One of the reasons to play this game is that the odds are great, especially if you know what you are doing. Not only that, you will get about 99% potential returns. So, if you are successful, you will walk away with a great amount of money.

Another reason to opt for online video poker is that there are very few rules and the game is relatively easy to play. What is more, you only need to make a few decisions for all the hands. And finally, you can play absolutely for free at online casinos, which is not possible in landbased casinos. This will help you get some practice before you can play for real money. If you do not want to put your money at risk, this is the best way to go. Take advantage of the online games and only when you have played a little while will you be able to decide whether you want to give real money poker a chance.

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