Strategies on How to Win at Slots

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In this post, we are going to talk about how to win at slots. This kind of games seem to be one of the most popular among casino goers, and online gaming sites make sure to provide their customers with an array of slots to enjoy, be it for real money or just to kill the time. Beginners may not be aware that one can use a few strategies to ensure their success before hitting the Spin button. These days more and more online casinos choose to display their payout percentage ratios (RTPs) for everyone to see. They hope to attract more customers by doing so. The slot games themselves have different payback ratios, from 80-85% to 99.9%. The ones with higher RTP are called “loose”, and the others are described as “tight.” Needless to say, one had better use the loose slot machines for a chance to generate bigger profits. But this is not the only thing you need to consider in order to win at slot games.

In general, there are two types of strategies you can stick with to improve your gameplay and make it unforgettable. The first one is a fixed bet strategy. If you choose to go for it, you should place the same amount of bet on every spin, from the very start of the game till the end. The second strategy as to how to win at slots is the progressive bet one. The purpose here is to change your bet amount based on whether you are losing or winning. Whether you go with the first strategy or the second one is absolutely up to you, although experts advise opting for the second one if you are playing the same game for a while.

Mind you that whatever strategies you are using, this will not keep you from losing. The outcomes in a slot are dictated by chance. Hence, whatever tricks you are applying, they will not guarantee you a win, but they can significantly boost your possibilities of being successful. We urge you to keep reading this post to find out what you can do to be on the winning side. Keep reading this article for more slot machine tips.

How to Win at Slots – The Basics

what are the basics to win at slots like tomb raider

Before we give you a few guidelines on how to win at slots, we would like to draw your attention to the basic stuff about this type of games that everyone who is willing to play should be aware of. Slots seem pretty simple, right? All you have to do is press the Spin button and wait for the reels to spin a few times before you can see whether you have won or not. However, in reality things are not that simple. There are a lot of aspects of this game that you need to be familiar with.

In the first place, if you want to know how to win at slots, it is important to understand that land-based slot machines and online slot games are slightly different, especially in terms of payout percentages and the number of reels. Slots in physical establishments are normally equipped with three reels. To get a winning combination, a player must land three matching icons in the middle row. If they are not lined at the center, you lose. When it comes to online slots, though, there may be five reels and the symbols can appear anywhere for a winning combination, rather than just the center. It depends on the pay lines. In that case, how to win at slots has a much better answer. Plus, there can be multiple pay lines, which give you more opportunities to hit it big. Last but not least, the payout percentage is usually way larger than that in land-based establishments. This makes online games much more flexible and wanted. That is why betting sites come up with ideas for new slots every year.

The number of pay lines in online slots may range from nine to 100 and even more. The more the pay lines, the more winning possibilities you have. For example, if a slot offers 100 pay lines and they are all active, you get 100 chances of winning and you need as little as one successfully played pay line.

Having said that, we shall now proceed to the different strategies you can use to win at online slots while taking into consideration a few factors.

Limit the Time You Play Slot Games

It may be hard to believe, but it matters how much time you spend playing per session. It is important to understand that you have to limit your playing time within two hours and always have a break of a minimum of half an hour between sessions. This is as far as how our recommendations go, but you are a grown up, and you know best what to do and how long you can play slots before you put a stop to it. Keep reading this article for more slot machine tips.

Decide on Your Bankroll

why is it important to decide on your bankroll for slots

Our how to play slot machines guide continues with succinct information about your bankroll. Before you head to one of the casinos in your area or you step into the world of online casinos, you need to make a tough decision. You need to choose how much money you are okay to part with in case you lose. As bad as you wish to win and increase your bankroll, you should always consider the possibility of losing. With slots, it is all about luck. Sometimes you have it, sometimes you do not. Do not risk an amount of money you cannot afford to lose. Try to think of a fixed sum of money that will not blow your budget if you lose. Also, when playing, make sure you only have access to the fixed bankroll. If you have other money on hand, you will be tempted to use it all.

Divide Your Bankroll into Chunks

If you are just starting out with slots, it is perfectly okay to have no idea of how to win at slots. But do not worry. We are here to help you. This is why we shall continue with our slot machine tips. Have you heard about session bankrolls? It is when you divide your bankroll into smaller parts and use one chunk per session. This will help you minimize your losses. The best way to go is to divide the money total into equal parts. Always spend only the amount you have decided to spend during a session and try not to cheat. In no case should you use more money in a land-based casino or to fund your online account. Also, steer clear of spending more time than expected at the casino or you may be tempted to put in more greenbacks than initially planned.

Differentiate Between Slot Machine Classes

find out which are the different slot machine classes

If you need more information on how to win at slots, continue reading. Perhaps only a few people are aware of the fact that slot machines come in different classes and that plays a role in how the games play out. In many casinos out there you can come across slot machines that are class II, which unfortunately is not what you need. Perhaps the question here should not be How to win at slots but rather where. You want to play on machines that are class III. They are proven to be fair and unbiased because they are regulated and monitored by different gambling authorities. They are also called “Vegas-style” slots. For a machine to be approved by the various jurisdictions, it has to have an RNG, which stands for a Random Number Generator. This means that the spins are not predetermined and are 100% random.

It may be difficult to tell the different classes apart. The class II slot machines often look like class III ones; however, they do not offer fairness and one can easily be fooled into playing on them. The trouble with class II machines is that their spins are not always random. They resemble a game of bingo in many ways, and they are considered to sidestep the law. If you want to know how to play slot machines, keep reading this article for more clues on the topic. Keep reading this article for more slot machine tips.

Get the Payback Percentage and Denomination Right

Regardless of which class of machines you play, you need to be aware that they will be set to a certain payback percentage, known as RTP. The majority of slots pay back from 85% to 99%. You want to play a game that gives you the most money. While some sites do make it clear as to what their payback ratio is, most of them do not. So, if you want to find out how to play slot machines, you need to be sure that you have made the right choice. To tell you the truth, there is a way to figure out whether the RTP is high enough and it is not a secret. You just need to check out the denomination. The bigger it is, the higher the payout ratio. Hence, you do not have to bet the maximum amount to get more money. If the RTP is high enough, you will be awarded big enough sums anyway.

Choose a Secure Casino to Win at Slots

When deciding on slot machines, whether land-based or online, it often comes down to choosing a safe gaming establishment. This is a casino that is monitored and regulated by different gambling authorities. Even though some venues are self-regulated, you need to find one that is monitored by an independent party. Do not settle for a casino that cannot guarantee your safety. There are many sites that are worthwhile. Just stick with the ones that have a good reputation.

You Must Steer Clear of Placing Maximum Bets

how to avoid maximum bets to score a mega win at slots

Experts do not recommend that you place the maximum bet while playing slots, unless of course, you are asked to in order to meet the requirements for a jackpot. But if you do have a choice, always avoid placing the maximum bet. The majority of slots let you determine the amount of coins you want to play. Do take advantage of this option because it will help you keep your bankroll intact, at least for a while. The less money you bet, the less money you will lose. You should keep in mind that playing the maximum bet does not usually award you any special gifts or bonuses. In most cases, the payout is proportional to the bet amount.

Now, another strategy on how to play slot machines is to study a slot game/machine in advance before playing on it. Read all the information about it and familiarize yourself with the different features and payouts. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the various bonuses and for winning the jackpot. You can skip out on betting the maximum amount if you are not required to by the jackpot terms and conditions. Note that you cannot get a good understanding of the game just by spinning the reel. You have to put some work into it.

Forget About the Speed-up Button

The following section of this how to win at slots machines article will explain why you should never opt for the speed-up button when playing a slot game. Do you like using it? Many people do. They just do not want to wait until the reels stop spinning to see if they have a winning combination. They are just so eager to check out if they have been successful or not. However, this button was not added to the games just to make your gameplay more comfortable and enjoyable. There is a hidden agenda behind it. Did you know that more spins generate more money? Only it is not money for you, rather it is income for the casino. Hence, you should consider slowing it down and play at the standard speed. This whole game is about spinning, right? This is what makes it so entertaining and challenging. Make sure you enjoy every second of it. Do not rush it.

Use the Best Bonus Offers, Giveaways and Machines

find the best bonus offers and promotions for slots

We shall continue our detailed how to play slot machines post with a short overview of promotions that are available at online gaming platforms. The reason that casinos go out of their way to improve their slot games and provide a diversity of titles is that slot fans play a huge role in the industry. Operators would do anything to attract more potential players. Hence, there is a slew of promotions and bonuses on hand. Take advantage of that. Do not rush into the first casino you see. Choose wisely. Take the time to explore all the giveaways and pick a company that offers everything you need. Aside from how to win on slot machines guides, our site will also tell you where you can play top-quality games and where to make the most out of your bankroll. Keep in mind that the awards are different and usually come with requirements, so get ready for some action and accept the fact that you will have to meet those terms and conditions if you want to take full advantage of the offers.

Know about Pay Lines and Winning Lines

How to win on slot machines is not a mystery. To get a winning combination, players need to hit at least three matching characters. They do not have to be one by the other; they can land anywhere on the pay lines and, that would trigger a winning combination. This is it. However, if they are not on the pay lines, even if there are three identical symbols, you will not win anything. Basically, winning lines and pay lines mean the same thing. Many games offer flexible pay lines, meaning that you can choose how many of them will be active during the spins. This will determine how much you need to pay in order to play. The more active pay lines, the more you have to pay. But it also means that you get bigger chances of lining up a successful combination. When the pay lines are flexible, it is absolutely up to you as to how much you will spend per spin. If they are fixed, you will have to bet on all of them. In the end, the term pay line is twofold. It refers to the amount of lines you want to place bets on and at the same times it means how much you will be paid out when you land a minimum of three identical icons.

So, here comes the question: should you bet on more lines to win at slots? The short answer is: it depends on what you are up to. What is your goal? Do you want to slowly increase your winnings or are you after some big profits? When you increase the number of active pay lines, you increase your chances of striking a successful combo, but you also have to pay more. Hence, if you do not manage to hit several matching symbols, you will lose the money. If you like the thrill of spinning the reel and feel great playing for an extended period, then you can bet on one to five pay lines. If you find this too boring, then bet the maximum pay lines.

Get to Know Scatter Symbols

get to know how to win at scatter symbols slots

Do you know how to win at slots machines? One of the symbols to be looking forward to in a game of slots is the Scatter. It is the one that gives away bonus rounds and countless free spins that will extend the gameplay and help increase your profits. The name of the icon means that they do not necessarily have to land on a pay line for you to win. Not at all. In truth, they can fall anywhere on the reels. Scatters can be pretty generous but you need to be lucky enough to hit at least three of them to unlock the magnanimous prizes. There are games that would let you walk away with prizes by lining up just two Scatters; however, keep in mind that the bonuses will not be as good. Besides, you can rarely come across such a slot game.

But this is not all. Scatters can also multiply your winnings a couple of times, regardless of where they are positioned. Note that they multiply the whole round, rather than a single payline. Be it as it may, keep in mind that a Scatter can never be replaced by a Wild.

Acknowledge the Beauty of Wilds

The last section of our how to win at slots article involves wild symbols. As we mentioned above, most slot games require you to get three identical symbols to trigger a winning combination. However, the Wild symbol is here to make this requirement a little less tough. The purpose of the Wild is to substitute for other icons. It can be any icon. Think of it as the Joker in card games. This makes it possible for players to win by landing only two matching icons. Of course, you need to also hit a Wild. How does it work? Imagine you line up two bananas. Before the reels stop spinning, you also land a Wild. In that case the latter will substitute for a banana. Hence, you will get three bananas in a row, and you will win. Depending on the slot game, you will see various Wild cards with different colors and design. But they always mean the same thing. So, spin the reels and hope you stumble upon one of these.

We hope you find these how to win on slot machine tips useful and we wish you good luck with your slot adventures.

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