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If you are still not fully acquainted with real money slots and you are looking for a good article on this topic, we suggest you stay on this page. Our main goal is to enlighten you about the different kinds of slots available online, digging into their features, mobile versions and anything in-between. As technologies experience rapid development, slots are not what they used to be. Nowadays, people can enjoy the best titles in the comfort of their homes thanks to the fact that some casinos have made a switch from operating on brick-and-mortar premises to servicing customers online. Modern Real Money Slots have sleek, 3D-like design, which makes you feel like you are watching a movie, rather than playing a game. No matter how simple the game is, it never lacks great sound and animation effects. The ones that offer users the opportunity to play for real money are just as attractive. As a whole, online casinos are synonymous with diversity and innovation, so you should not miss out on their offers. Without a doubt, operators work hard to deliver the best slot opportunities to their clients because it is what brings the biggest profits. Whether you like five reels, the classic three reels or even the ones with multiple paylines, you are sure to find what your heart wants in one of the best online gambling places. But first, make sure to read more about the online slots real money offers you are likely to encounter in your search for online games.

Online Slot Machines Real Money Features

real money slots winIn most cases, Online Slots for Real Money come with a number of features, other than winning combinations and spinning reels. This is one of the things that make slots so attractive. Check out the most common features you can see in an online slot game:

  • Free Spins: Oftentimes when a player hits a predetermined amount of scatter symbols, they are rewarded free spins. As you can see, they do not cost you anything. On the contrary, with them your chances of winning get bigger, not to mention they multiply your winnings.
  • Wild Symbol: This resembles the joker card in several poker games. It usually replaces some of the symbols that a slot features. It can help you create more winning combinations.
  • Bonus Symbol: If you play Real Money Slots and you come across a Bonus symbol, you will be rewarded different items depending on the slot game. In most cases, players are given free spins or bonus games.
  • Gamble Feature: With this item, you can bet on your winnings. All you have to do is try to guess if an upcoming card will be red or black. If you guess it correctly, it will result in doubled winnings. There is even more. If you manage to guess the suit, you will have your winnings quadrupled. Of course, there is also a chance that you do not guess the color correctly. In that case, you will lose your recent winnings. This feature is quite popular in the United Kingdom, but it also exists around the world.
  • Multiplier Symbol: If you are playing slots and you hit the Multiplier symbol, the money you get as a result of your winning combination will be increased a great deal.
  • Scatter Symbol: The best part about the Scatter symbols is that they do not have to be placed in a certain reel sequence for you to win. On the contrary, they may fall anywhere and that will still result in a payout. Amazing, isn’t it?

real money slots cashOnline gaming at Real Money Slots became better and better because casinos are counting on them to win more players over. The truth is, the majority of companies’ revenues come from these types of games. Customers love slots. Not only because they are thrilling with all their features and layout, but also because they can be played for fun and for real money at the same time. Plus, they are easy to understand. And since online slot machines are of such importance to companies, they are doing their best to enhance the games to increase the level of satisfaction customers receive.

Of course, one cannot deny the fact that slots are about luck. Whether you win or not depends on what the reels will bring. This is why you are recommended to choose real money slot games based on your bankroll. It is also advisable to stop playing while you are still winning. We know how easy it is to keep on playing when you see that luck is on your side; however, things can change in the blink of an eye, so try not to get carried away. As it is with luck, you cannot be on a winning spree all the time. Sooner or later, you will lose. Try to collect your winnings before that moment comes. Else, the winnings will go to the casino.

Types of Real Money Slots on the Internet

If you want to know more about the different types of slots available on the web, then check this out. Here are the most common types you need to know about. The rest are just subcategories.

  • Bonus Game Slots: One of the common types of slots is the one where players are rewarded an extra round. It is triggered when they hit a fixed amount of symbols. Every game has different rules. At some casinos players are asked to pick different objects so that they are rewarded a special prize. The bonus round gives them the opportunity to win extra money. These slots are very compelling, with interesting advanced graphics and complex affairs.
  • Multiple Payline Slots: With this type of online slot games, there are multiple betting lines. Every single line counts as a bet, which means that the more paylines you bet on, the bigger your chances of winning. Some games feature 20 paylines and others have the astonishing 100. Multiplier Slots: If you play this type of Real Money Slots online, you will come across a special symbol, which is situated on one of the reels (or more). When you hit it, your winnings get to multiply. You can get 5X, 10X, etc., or you could simply double your payouts.
  • Bonus Multiplier Slots: Aside from multiplier slots, you can also play the online bonus multiplier slot machine where one of the reels features a special bonus symbol. If you hit it, you will increase further your winnings. This is even better than the previous slot game. Video Slot Games: This is the general term for all online slot machines in which a computer is in charge of generating the reels. The term relates to all modern-day slots. It has to be said that even the slot machines in landbased casinos are considered video slots.
  • Multi-denomination Slots: With this type of slots you can select the amount of your bet on your own. That is, there is no fixed amount of money you have to wager. You can start at a cent if this is you want. You can also wager $100 if you wish. It is up to you.
  • Progressive Slots: If you come across such a slot machine and make a bet, a small amount of the wager goes to a jackpot. This is how the jackpot grows bigger and bigger until someone hits it. You can usually see the progress of the jackpot somewhere on the top of the game. When someone wins it, it starts at a certain amount. In most cases, to win the progressive jackpot, you need to place a maximum bet.
  • Buy a Pay: With this type of slots, there are multiple pay tables. The more coins you play, the more tables you have access to. Your chances of winning grow bigger and bigger when you keep playing. This seems to be the most expensive slot options and it is more often than not only available in landbased casinos.

Real Money Slot Bonuses

real money slots jungle When playing Real Money Slots Online, you will notice that bonus offers are typical of Internet casinos. There is hardly any company that does not treat customers to amazing promotions. In most cases, it is newcomers who are at an advantage; however, many casinos being thankful for their return customers issue specials for everyone else, especially for the most loyal of players. In addition, there are special bonus offers for real money slot games that cannot be unlocked playing other games. Apparently, one of the most common is the sign-up bonus. It is given to new customers upon registering. Depending on the casino, the amount of the bonus is different. It might match the amount a user deposits into their account or it could be a fixed amount, such as $20 or $50. Of course, the main reason as to why there is such a bonus type is that companies want to attract new players to their online casinos.

Furthermore, there are special bonuses given out on holidays and other special occasions, or just to mark the beginning of a new season. They are called seasonal bonuses. Usually, these offers are not provided at a specific date and time, and it is players’ responsibility to keep an eye on their casino in case a new promotion is out. In addition, some bonuses come in the form of money which can be used on whatever games the casino chooses. It should be pointed out, though, that this type of bonuses is usually available for a set period of time, so the sooner you take advantage of it, the better.

Another type of bonuses that you could get at a Real Money Slots Casino is the so-called referral bonus. As its name implies, it is provided when a customer sweet-talks their friends into joining the casino. In most cases, the people they have referred to the casino must make a deposit for the player to get the referral slot bonus. There may also be more requirements behind that offer, so we advise you to read the terms and conditions from start to finish before you persuade your acquaintances and friends into signing up and wagering on the site. If you fail to adhere to the rules, you will not qualify for the bonus. And finally, there is also the reload type of slot bonuses, which, again, comes in the form of money, usually a fraction of the sum you deposited into your account. In most cases, it has to do with deposits made after the first one, and it comes with different requirements too.

Mobile Platforms and Real Money Slots

Believe it or not, it is possible to play slots for real money on your smartphone and tablet, and – why not – other smart gadgets and portable devices, which run an operating system like Android and iOS. Today, you can play whatever games you want on your mobile devices, as long as they are updated to the latest versions. It is because customers wanted to be more flexible in terms of playing games that software suppliers had to create mobile versions of their games. Sometimes mobile platforms do not have as many games as the websites themselves, but the variety is astonishing and you can have lots of fun with your phone while you are away from home.

Software of Real Money Slots

real money slots mboleIt is important to understand that the software they use in landbased casinos is very different from that on websites. The software behind the real money slot games gives customers more freedom. The evolution of slots has made it possible for users to play from the comforts of their homes where there are no other players, no smoke and no waiting. Online slots are much more convenient and they offer plenty of features that physical slot machines may lack. Not only can they be played on your computer, but these days you can also use your smartphone, as we mentioned above. This means that you can play outdoors and anywhere you wish, without having to be stuck in one particular place.

The suppliers keep on developing more games and adding more features to improve the services and have customers impressed. Sleek graphics, ambient sounds, animated symbols, intense colors, and what not, are wrapped in a package, bringing you unmatched fun and positive gaming experience, adding to a first-class gameplay that you could only experience in Las Vegas casinos in the past.

Low Rollers vs. High Rollers

One of the best things about real money slot games is that it does not matter how much money you have. You can find low-stake and high-stake slots, starting at .01. This means that you can stretch your money to last you a number of spins before you run out of cash, and why not win in the meantime. You can play more than 30 minutes with $20 in your balance as long as you take it easy. You will surely find a game that suits your preferences and, most of all, your budget.

On the other hand, if you are a high roller, you can still find challenging games to start with. The maximum bet varies from slot to slot. Generally, it is $150 per spin or $5 per line. Some casinos go as far as offering bigger bets.

Real Money Slots: Depositing and Cashing Out

Now, another factor to consider with regard to real money slots is depositing and withdrawing money. The methods for making money transfers are similar to those of other casino games. They include using electronic payment methods like vouchers and e-wallets, as well as debit and credit cards. Wire transfers are also available. You can use anything from Visa and Visa Electron, to PayPal, Paysafecard, MasterCard, Skrill, etc. And since online casinos do not have as many expenses as landbased ones, the minimum deposits are normally lower.

As for cashing out, there is a withdrawal limit, which you should surpass if you want to collect your winnings. The same methods for payment apply here. More often than not, you can get your money using the same method you choose to make a deposit.

Slots for Real Money and Large Jackpots

And while many people are happy that they can play slots for free, they do not know what they are missing at Real Money Slots. The real thrill of pulling the handle of a slot, whether virtually or at a landbased casino, is that you can win amazing money jackpots. The big money is waiting for you. Do you really want to skip that? Of course, just because you will play for real money does not necessarily mean that you will hit the jackpot, but there is a chance that you win a big amount of money in your pursuit for the jackpot. Maybe you will start with a small sum like $20 and then one day you will collect $100 and more. It is true that the odds are small: the chances of hitting the big money are a million to one. However, if you play for free, you will not even have this opportunity, as small as it seems to you. So, the best thing to do is to choose a real money slot from one of the casinos we feature on our site and play on it. This will give you more and better options than playing for no money.

Slots vs. Slot Machines – Which is Better

real money slots playYou may think that online slots and landbased slots are basically the same, but they are not. There are some subtle differences. Only people that have played the popular fruit machines can tell the difference. In the first place, online slots do not require as much interaction on player’s account, whereas when it comes to the physical machines, there is the skill factor. You need a little know-how about the different features that may be hidden, as well as the layout of the reels and the mobile compatibility. Hidden features that you should be able to recognize include Win Below / Win Above, Hold 3 Times, Hold After Nudge, Spare/Cancel Button Flashing, Machine goes red, Hold After Win

Now, we do not want you to think that because physical slot machines have hidden features and involve skills they are at an advantage. In truth, Real Money Slots online can be just as fun, if not more entertaining. One of the reasons to switch from landbased slots to online slots is that the layout and the features are improved, not to mention the payout rate. Normally, there is a 70-80% payout rate, depending on where the machine is situated, as in ferry, service station, club or pub. In comparison, online slots boast a payout rate of 95% and more. As you can see, the difference is staggering. And so is the amount of money you get to win when playing slots.

Advantages of Online Slots

There are plenty of them. Perhaps one of the most obvious is that you can play online real money slots whenever you want and wherever you are, as long as you are armed with a computer or a smartphone. Online slots are not stripped of interesting features. You can claim bonuses, you can win big jackpots, and you can even take advantage of progressive jackpots which have proven to be the best. What is more, there are many more variations of slots online than in landbased casinos. When you think about it, it is not possible for a physical casino to house 500 different machines to satisfy customers’ demand for games. But a digital slot can offer hundreds of options, allowing customers to stay on the same page instead of switching from machine to machine in order to satisfy their needs.

Yet, one of the biggest benefits of playing online slots is the “Return to player” percentage, abbreviated as RTP. It is a term that describes the percentage that users win when playing in the long run and it usually is a fraction of the money they wager on some games. More often than not, the RTP is 94% and even more when it comes to online casinos. In comparison, at landbased casinos it is only 85% or so. Do you realize what that means? It means that you have the chance to win more than if you go to the local club to pull the handle of a landbased slot machine.

Safety is not a Concern

real money slots gameMany people question the security of websites, especially when it comes to online casinos and Real Money Slots. It can be difficult to believe that these places can actually be safe for you and your personal information, as well as your money. We want to assure you that as long as you stick with the most reputable and renowned brands, there is no risk involved at all. Online casinos use the best security tools to protect their customers. The software providers themselves go above and beyond to ensure that their games are unbiased and fair. A number of independent companies are in charge of testing the software periodically, which guarantees safe gameplay.

We are not saying there are no scams on the Internet. Yes, there are shady companies running their shady businesses, whose only purpose is to get their hands on your financial data and personal details. This is why you should be careful. You are recommended to always stick with trustworthy brands. They are well-known across the globe. They have licenses in the first place, and all their activity is monitored and regulated by different authorities. One of the best ways to find if an online casino is worth it is by reading reviews on the web, just like the ones we provide. You can also read customers’ feedback and testimonials. If a site is shady, sooner or later it comes to light. Reputable companies are known to have been operating for many years, whereas scams can never stay in business for so long. Another sign that an operator is not a good pick is poor customer support. If the call agents are slow to address your enquiries or they never end up answering your emails or phone calls, then you should really think twice before you use that site again. Last but not least, it is advisable that you use more than one online casino to spend your money. Not only will you have more fun playing diverse games and taking advantage of a plethora of offers and real money slots, but you also lower the risk of losing a big amount of money all at the same time.

Online Casinos Regulation

And if the above paragraphs did not manage to convince you that online casinos are safe and secure and your money will just be fine there, then probably this one will. Places that offer real money slots are regulated by renowned authorities like the UK Gambling Commission, the government of Curacao, and the government of Gibraltar. For a casino to obtain a license from any of the regulatory bodies available, it has to comply with certain rules. One of the requirements is that all the outcomes and spins are random and fair. Another one is that the operator makes sure to provide reliable assistance for anyone who might be developing a gambling problem. What is more, individuals under the age of 18 shall not be allowed to play either for free or for real money. Reports must be provided on a regular basis. Aside from this, a number of independent agencies, as in iTech Labs, TST, and eCOGRA, get to test the software of casinos.

Last but not least, these days’ casinos are so transparent that they even reveal their RTP percentage. If you go with a casino that is licensed and regulated, you will not be exposed to any risk.

Questions & Answers

real money slots jackpotQ: Who shall I contact in case I need any sort of assistance? A: When it comes to real money slot games online, one thing is for sure, customer support is much better than that at physical casinos. In most cases, there are teams of well-trained technicians who are in charge of addressing customers’ enquiries, usually around the clock. Support is provided by means of live chat, phone or email address. No matter which of the options users choose, they are treated individually and lots of attention is paid to their issues. Live chats are perfect when you are looking for a quick solution and you cannot afford to wait for hours or even days to get your problems handled. Customer services may also include email notifications and newsletters, whose purpose is to keep clients up to date with latest features and promotions, new games, as well as any changes that have been made.

Q: Is it safe to play those real money slots? How do I know they are fair? A: There is nothing to worry about as long as you stick with a renowned casino which uses a reputable software provider. Usually, the latter ensures that their games are 100% fair and secure. Also, casinos take different measures to ensure safety for their customers. The slot machines themselves are unbiased, thanks to the random number generators (RNG) they use. These are regulated by a separate, independent company, which guarantees their fairness. Hence, the outcomes of the spins are unpredictable, random and unbiased. There is nothing to worry about.

Q: Can I play real-money slot games on the web if I am situated in the United States? A: Online gambling is illegal in the United States and is therefore banned. This type of games is considered chance games and it was restricted under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 many years ago. It is ironic, as it was in America that slot games were born. Yet, there are many landbased casinos offering slots for real money if you would like to have some fun. Although the US government is slowly loosening the gambling laws, there is still a long way until citizens get the chance to enjoy gambling online. Be it as it may, they can play Real Money Slots at some of the online casinos available worldwide.

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