Learn the Roulette Rules in Order to Bet

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This post is going to give you a breakdown of the most important Roulette rules that every self-respecting player should know about. If you want to play like the pros, you need to know the ins and outs of the game, familiarize yourself with the different types of roulette and also learn about online roulette. There are a lot of things to consider. We suggest you continue reading this article to find out our roulette tips and take advantage of them.

what are the roulette rules for the american wheel

Of all the casino games, roulette seems to be the most popular choice. Perhaps it is so because the payouts are quite high. In some cases, you can get 35 times your bet. This is astonishing. However, aside from the big payouts, there also are many pitfalls. You need to understand the differences between different types of roulette and know the roulette rules as well as the roulette tips. For example, the wheels in American Roulette are very different than those in European Roulette. Before you start playing, we recommend you to check what type of game you are playing. When it comes to the American Roulette, there is one double zero, one zero and 36 numbers. Because of that, these are often called double-zero wheels. It is also the reason as to why there is a 5.25% house edge. This means that the odds are against the players. The numbers in this type of roulette read on the outside and continue inward.

As far as European Roulette rules are concerned, there is just one zero and 36 numbers. There is a 2.7% house edge. Even though it is smaller, still the odds are bad. The numbers in this type of roulette start on the inside and continue outward. Almost all casinos in the world offer the European-style Roulette.

Even though roulette offers large payouts, there are many flaws that you should watch out for before you start your gambling journey. We will discuss all the relevant stuff in the paragraphs below. Continue reading for more useful roulette tips.

General Information about Roulette Rules

If you are a beginner, you probably do not know that roulette rules are different from the other table games. In the first place, the chips that are given to players do not have any monetary value. They only contain information about the table they are part of. There is a number which says where they belong. Also, the table minimum determines the chips’ default denomination value. Unless they say that they want to get standard casino chips, players receive chips of the same color when they win. This is part of the roulette rules we are going to tell you about.

where to find information about roulette rules online

When it comes to the table, it also has some differences than those of other table games. For instance, there are 300 chips on every table. What is more, the chips are painted in different colors and are combined in eight or six sets. Depending on the type of Roulette, there may be a different amount of zeros on the wheel. In most cases, they are green in color, whereas the rest of the numbers are black and red.

One of our roulette tips is to choose roulette games that offer only one zero which where the roulette rules are more favorable. This is how you can get more money. The table also displays the maximum and minimum bets that are allowed. Look for them before you start playing. If you are a beginner, you should opt for the ones that have low betting limits. If you are a high roller, you can find a number of casinos that have high minimum bets. Be wise when making a decision about the table you want to play at. Continue reading for more useful roulette tips.

Roulette Rules: How Bets are Placed

As far as land-based casinos are considered, the bets are placed by the players themselves or by the croupier. The only exception is Neighbor Bets. Only the croupier can place those bets. Note that you have to bet on Even-Money, Dozens and Lines bets five times the table minimum or more. There are different types of bets that can be placed as part of the roulette rules. Here is more information about the most common ones:

Row Bets

With this type of bets, there are three consecutive numbers in a row that you have to bet on. You have to place the chip on the line where you would like to cover the three numbers. If you win, you will get 11-1 on your bet. This is just one of the many types of bets you need to know so that you understand the roulette rules better. So, keep reading.

Split Bets

You can cover two adjacent numbers by placing this bet. You have to position the chip between the numbers you have selected. You will get 17-1 on your bet if you win.

Straight Up Bets

can you place straight up bets on the european wheel

Next on our roulette rules post are straight up bets. With this type of bets, you have to position your chips on one single number. It must be placed straight in the middle of the box, and it should not touch any of the boxes next to it. You can place as many straight-up bets as you want. There are no limits. You will get 35-1 on your bet if you end up winning.

Column Bets

To understand the roulette rules better, you need to learn all the different bets. When it comes to the column bets, a line of 12 numbers can be covered by the players. This is a huge opportunity. Note that you have to place the bet at the very bottom. This is the place that contains 2-1 marked boxes. You will be given 2-1 your bet if you end up on the winning side.

Dozen Bets

Our roulette rules article also involves dozen bets. On one of the sides of the table there are three boxes, which are broader. They go by the names “1st Dozen/12”, “2nd Dozen/12” and “3rd Dozen/12”. If you choose to place bets on them, you will cover numbers from 25 to 36, 13 to 24, and 1 to 12. If you end up on the winning side, you will be given 2-1 your bet.

Six Number Bets

With this type of bets, you can cover two rows. In fact these are considered double-row bets. The chip must be placed between two rows, straight on the line. If you end up winning, you will receive 5-1 your bet. Keep reading our roulette rules to learn the ins and outs of this game.

Four Number – Corner Bets

With this type of bets, you can use a single chip to cover four numbers. This is amazing. Note that you have to position the chip on the number intersection in order to place that bet. You will get 8-1 on your bet in case you win. Continue reading for more useful roulette tips.

Neighbor Bets

learn how to make neighbor bets on the roulette wheel

Also in our roulette rules post are neighbor bets. They are available at many casinos that use the European-style roulette. They are placed on another betting layout, usually a secondary one, which is adjacent to the main betting layout and is located on its left side. The numbers are positioned on the wheel in their order of appearance. It kind of looks like an oval racing track. Players themselves cannot place neighbor bets if they would like to cover five numbers at the same time. They need to ask the croupier to do so. Also, the wagering amount must be five times the minimum table bet.

Even-Money Bets

We continue pointing out the roulette rules by telling you about the different types of bets you can make when playing the game. Near the Dozens, six bigger boxes are situated. It is where customers can place even-money bets. Based on the rules imposed by casinos, even-money bets mean different things. For example, when it comes to European Roulette, this type of bets normally triggers an “en prison” version. The latter gives players the chance to retrieve their stakes on condition that they placed a bet on even odds; for example red-black, evenodd, and high-low. This is only true after a spin of zero, though. However, they rarely play this version. Now, as far as American Roulette is concerned, the even-money bets serve to increase the house advantage. As you can see, some roulette rules might depend on the casino. Before you consider placing such a bet, you need to learn in what way it is treated. Take a look at the different types:

1-18 and 19-36 Bets

This type of bet is pretty fun and counts on probability. Here customers have to predict whether the number that follows is high (between 19 and 36) or low (between 1 and 18). If they manage to guess the number correctly, they are paid at 1-1 (even money).

Odd/Even Bets

Part of the roulette rules is the even/odd bets. If you want to learn the ropes, you need to know about all these things. Now, with this type of bet, you have to predict an odd number or an even number. You need to place your chips to the right and left of the black and red boxes. You will be paid at 1-1 (even money) if you win.

Red/Black Bets

Another part of the roulette rules is the red/black bets. With this type of even-money bets, you need to cover either all black numbers or all red numbers with your chips. Note that you cannot bet on zero here. If you happen to win, you will be paid at even money 1-1. This is without a doubt one of the most common and preferred even-money bets. Continue reading for more useful roulette tips.

Betting Strategy

what is the strategy to play at the us roulette table

Next on our roulette rules breakdown is the strategy you can use to make your bets. But before we discuss those, we have to say that wheel spins are completely independent and they cannot be predicted. Hence, laws of probability are not applicable here.

What we are trying to say is that no matter what your strategy is, it cannot guarantee that you end up winning, simply because you cannot make any projections based on previous wheel spins. Of course, you should ensure that you are playing at a reputable casino in the first place where no one can interfere with the wheel and the roulette rules are followed. Also, you should bear in mind that the spins cannot predetermine future spins or the outcome of the game. In other words, the last spin is not tied to the future spins in any way. Continue reading for more useful roulette tips.

Betting Systems

Next, in our roulette rules article, we would like to tell you about betting systems. There are a number of betting systems in Roulette. The reason for this is probably that players want more than anything to try different systems and increase their chances of winning. Here is more information about the types of betting systems in Roulette:


The roulette rules also involve this type of betting system. The main idea of the progressive is that the next bet amount of a player is dependent on the amount of the previous bets. A common progressive system is the Martingale, which we will talk about at a later time.

Predictive Systems

This detailed roulette rules post also covers predictive systems. In general, a couple of predictive systems stand out from the crowd. The purpose of the first one is to concentrate on the roulette dealers’ flaws. The main idea of the second system is to look for flaws in the equipment. Of course, it is important to remember that no matter what type of betting systems you are using, even the progressive ones, there is no way that the edge of the casino changes.

Betting Zones

which are the betting zones at the biased roulette wheel

Another one in our roulette rules article is the betting zones. What this type of betting systems states is that players need to cover neighbor wheel sections to be successful. That way, no matter where the ball will land, customers will win, as long as the ball goes to that section.

Now, having said that, we are going to look into the various roulette betting systems, focusing on the most common ones. Take a look and write down as necessary. As you can see, the roulette rules cover a number of areas.


According to this betting system, players should increase their bets after a loss (usually by one unit) and, respectively, decrease their bet after a win (again by one unit). They assume that if Bet A is more successful than Bet B – in other words, it results in more wins – then the chances of Bet B winning again are bigger.

Laboucher (Cancellation System)

In addition to the roulette rules, we should also discuss the Laboucher system. With it, players need to select a sequence of numbers. The win goal is represented by the amount of the numbers. Note that every number stands for a betting unit. In other words, a player’s first bet will be based on the sum of the last and first numbers in the sequence they opt for. If their bet does not win, the amount goes right into the 5-number sequence. The roulette rules state that if they want to make another bet, it has to be formed by the sum of the new sequence’s last and first numbers. Be it as it may, if their bet ends up winning instead of losing, their next bet will be formed based on the sum of the fourth and second numbers. This betting system works if you manage to get a win after a couple of bets. However, the more you lose, the longer the sequence will get. This implies that the losses will get to increase too. Hence, if you suffer several consecutive losses, it may be a good idea to try another betting system.


Also in our roulette rules, we want to talk about the Martingale betting system. It is one of the most popular betting systems, touted as a “guaranteed” way of ending up successful and beating the wheel in roulette or the card dealer in blackjack. It is a progressive type of betting systems. According to it, players have to double up the amount of their first bet after they lose the previous one. On the surface of it, this seems preposterous.

can players use the martingale for eu roulette gambling

How are you going to end up winning if you have just lost? Isn’t it better to quit playing before you lose any more money? The thing is, they calculated that if a customer doubles up their bets every time they lose, sooner or later they will end up winning and as a result of this they will recover all their losses. Now, after making this explanation, the method starts to seem more reasonable. On second thought, however, it may not be as successful as you would expect because, as we mentioned above, wheel spins cannot be predetermined and no projections can be made when it comes to roulette rules. Hence, the betting system cannot guarantee a successful outcome. Yet, many players go for it. And whether you should use it or not is absolutely up to you.

Grand Martingale

Aside from the Martingale, in our roulette rules we also discuss the Grand Martingale system. Some players find the Martingale system insufficient, this is why they use an improved version of it, the so-called Grand Martingale. The main idea is that you need to add one more unit aside from doubling up your bet after your lose. This is considered to increase further your chances of winning. But as we said above, there is no system in the world that can guarantee your success 100%, so do not count on them completely.

The Paroli

If you want to be well acquainted with the roulette rules, you should also know about the Paroli. This is another progressive type of betting systems, and it is embraced by people who want to make good use of hot streaks. “One that is equal,” this is what the name of the method means. You need to know that it is more aggressive than the rest of the betting types. The principle that it goes by is “up as you win.” Put shortly, after every win, a player needs to double their wager. The end goal is to achieve three wins in a row, especially when it comes to Paroli of Three”, which seems to be the most popular Paroli type. The three winning bets can be placed on black/red numbers, even/odd numbers or low/high numbers, i.e. any playoff wager. This betting system is not exclusive to roulette rules. It is also used in baccarat, Pai Gow poker, video poker, Sic Bo, craps and other games that offer even odds bets.

Betting on a Biased Wheel

An important part of the roulette rules is to learn about some of the tricks. Although Roulette wheels are designed to be unbiased, there still are some that have slight imperfections. This can lead to players winning more often than if they were to play at a table with a flawless wheel. The reason for this is that when there is a small imperfection in a wheel, certain numbers might be hit more often than others.

Since strategies and betting systems do not guarantee a win, many people choose to wager on a biased wheel. Of course, you need to be paying attention. In order to figure out the numbers that appear more frequently, you need to spend some time at the table and track all the numbers that emerge winners during a particular period of time.

Oscar Grind

how to apply the oscar grind at a french roulette game

In addition to the roulette rules, there is the Oscar Grind. This betting type resembles the Paroli method. In other words, it uses the “up as you win” principle. If a player wins, they should up their bet by one unit. On the other hand, if they end up losing, they have to bet the same amount of money.

The main idea is to bet small amounts of money, which also means you will generate smaller profits. But still, it is a safe way of betting, if there is one at all, and it means that you will not suffer major losses. If you are a beginner, this is a possible way to go.

The Red System

Also in our roulette rules post is the red system. With this type of betting systems, the goal of the player is to make use of the third column on a table of Roulette. It is packed with four black numbers and eight red numbers. The main idea here is that the customer places two bets. The first one is placed on the column itself (the third one, as we mentioned above), whereas the second bet is placed on the black numbers. Mind you that the second bet has to be twice as big as the first one.

Shotwell System

With this type of betting systems, gamblers are given the opportunity to win regardless of where the ball goes. For this to happen, players should cover certain numbers around the wheel, which are distributed evenly.

Dealer’s Signature

We think you should also know about this peculiarity so that you are absolutely familiar with the roulette rules and you feel comfortable when playing the game. Since dealers spend a lot of time spinning the wheel, it sort of becomes a routine, as a result of which they begin to apply the same speed to spins every single time. This is what they call “the dealer’s signature”. Some players use this knowledge to build their roulette strategies and roulette rules. They closely observe the game and the dealers’ spinning methods and speed. What they look for is a certain pattern that appears consistently. When they do, they figure out a strategy that they consider winning. Whether they win or not is again a matter of chance. Continue reading for more useful roulette tips.

Betting Patterns to Go With

which betting patterns should the roulette gamblers follow

In this game, other than following the roulette rules, it is also important to use different betting patterns if you want to be successful. This is especially important if you are a beginner. Do not go with complex patterns. They can be too overwhelming, get you confused and result in major losses. You need a sensible but simple pattern. One of the most important things to remember is to place small bets. This is the only way you can prevent big losses.

If you happen to be on the winning side, do not get too excited. It may cloud your judgment. If you want to increase your bet, do it gradually. Do not go from smaller bets to massive bets. You will risk all your winnings. This should be as part of the roulette rules. Additionally, if you get to win, it is not wise to wager all your winnings. The best strategy is to use half the money. Keep in mind that the odds will not be in your favor always. Last but not least, it is advisable to go with 1-18/19-36, Red/Black and Odds/Even wagers, as these seem to be the most profitable combinations. Play it smart, be patient, keep learning about the game and the different strategies and do the best you can to not only keep your winnings, but to also increase them. Continue reading for more useful roulette tips.

Links Regarding Roulette Bets

This puts an end to our breakdown of the roulette rules. We did our best to include all the important roulette tips to help you learn the game.

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