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Online Slot Bonuses give you the opportunity to enjoy slot games longer by neutralizing the bad effects that they come with. It takes some time to find the best bonus offers. But first, you need to learn more about the different types of bonuses, their strong and weak sides, and how they can help you win more money. With them, you are bound to get plenty of extra play and prolong your gaming experience. One of the most popular online slots bonus offers is free cash handled to you to keep playing the games, which also gives you the opportunity to win the big jackpot, but down below we are going to talk about other bonus types as well. Let us get to it.

Casino Slots Bonus Types

We are not going to lie, when it comes to Online Slot Bonuses, in most cases the house edge is high and the wagering requirements are tough. Not to mention, it is difficult to build up a strategy or satisfy your betting needs. However, things are not as bad as they seem. There is light at the end of the tunnel and there is a point in playing slot games, otherwise they simply would not exist. The secret is bonuses. With their help, your chances of winning get bigger. Besides, the high house edge is neutralized with them. Luckily, there also are bonuses that do not come packed with tough requirements and some promotions can be accessed via mobile device.

Now, let us take a look at the most widespread types of bonus slots.

  • online slot bonusesSticky Bonus Offer – This bonus type is accompanied by certain wagering requirements. The good news is even Online Slot Bonuses that do not require big bets can win you money. In addition, some casinos go as far as offering customers such bonuses without any terms and conditions. Be it as it may, if a player wins the jackpot, they may not be permitted to receive all the money. Unfortunately, they will only be able to withdraw part of the winnings. This is what a sticky bonus is about – it gives you the opportunity to place bets but you cannot cash it out. There are a few types of sticky bonuses. Some of them are available at smaller casinos, whereas others are used by larger casinos and software groups.
  • “Phantom” Sticky Bonus Offer – One of the most popular sticky bonus offers, which is used by giants like Playtech, Microgaming, and RTG, is the so-called “phantom” bonus. When a player makes a deposit, the bonus is given away automatically and the amount hits their account. With it, players can place bets. Is there a catch? The truth is, the name of the bonus is not by chance. It goes away as quickly as it comes. When you cash out your winnings, the “phantom” disappears, i.e. it is subtracted from your balance. You may be asking yourself, why the need for such a bonus if it is useless? However, it is not useless. If you place a bet using the bonus and you lose, you will not lose any money, only the bonus will be taken back from your account.

Cashable Bonus Offers

This type of Online Slot Bonuses is similar to the sticky bonus offers in that customers are usually tied to a betting requirement (especially for playing games like roulette). That is, the players have to wager the amount of the bonus a few times to get things going. The requirements vary from company to company, so you need to check with every single casino and read their terms and conditions from top to bottom. Only after you have met their requirements will you be able to make the most out of your cashable bonus offer. This is one of the most common bonuses on the web. But before you claim the bonus, it is a good rule of thumb to familiarize yourself with the limitations and requirements that come with it unless you want to be given an unpleasant surprise. This is the best way not to end up disappointed.

Cashback Bonus Offers

online slot bonuses gameAnd if you do not like the idea of meeting wagering requirements in order to use your bonus to the fullest, you might be more interested in getting this one. It is called a cashback bonus and it is not tied to any wagering terms and conditions. You need to know that it gets unlocked only when you have a net loss and it happens over a given period of time. This means that they will pay you back a percentage of those losses. This bonus offer is a good pick for slot lovers.

To be honest, this type of Online Slot Bonuses is very similar to the Clearplay and sticky bonuses if they are withdrawn at a very early stage. If you must know, you can determine the average cashback gain with the help of the following formula: you have to subtract the Wagering*House edge from the Bonus*Chance of Bust and this is how you can get the average gain.

Free Play and Clearplay Bonus Offers

Clearplay bonuses are known for enabling customers to cash out their winnings at any moment they wish on condition that they meet the betting demands, as required by the particular casino. Basically, this is very similar to the sticky bonus where you have to meet the requirements for wagering in order to get your winnings.

There is also a modified version of the Clearplay bonus, used by a lot of contemporary casinos. There are certain playthrough requirements that you must meet. The rule applies especially to welcome bonuses. What is more, casinos whose games are powered by Microgaming also use a special bonus system related to the Clearplay bonus. It is called eZ. It was introduced in 2006 by the Grand Priveė Casino Group. Their goal was to make things a little more exciting and to neutralize the wager requirements of most Online Slot Bonuses, which simply spoil the fun. That product is definitely guilty of setting new standards and is a great deal for gaming enthusiasts all around the world. Although it still needs some improvements, it has a few advantages. In the first place, you do not get to wager the deposit, only the bonus. There is real-time cash-in. Besides you can see how many bets you are supposed to place before you can get the winnings. Also, every game counts towards fulfilling the requirements for wagering, not just specific games. It means that you do not have to play games that you do not know how to play or are not skilled enough to just meet the tedious requirements. Without a doubt, this is a breath of fresh air for bonus lovers.

What is more, casinos that feature games powered by Microgaming also provide special sign-up bonuses in free-play mode. There is a special version of the games where there is a huge balance offered to players. When they decide to cash out, customers get their first deposit and their winnings altogether.

Other Variations of Online Slot Bonuses

online slot bonuses pcThere are other kinds of sticky bonuses. We already mentioned this above when we were discussing sticky bonuses. But you have to know that they have rules as well. You are going to love this one: the bonus amount is not distracted from your balance when you cash out your winnings. Yes, you can withdraw it along with the money you have won. But of course, do not forget that first you have to wager it as many times as the terms and conditions state before you can get to the withdrawal part. If the bonus gets to be distracted from your account anyway, you can immediately withdraw your winnings. You will not have to make more deposits in order to cash out your winnings.

This bonus type is usually used by smaller gaming software providers and casinos; for example, Chartwell, Parlay, Grand Virtual and Wager21.

The Top Bonus Slot Machines

If you get yourself a really good slot bonus offer, it will increase your playtime a great deal, as well as your play limit, adding to a more exciting experience. Sometimes with a small first deposit you can have access to amazing offers. It is important to understand that the rewards at online casinos are different than those in landbased casinos for obvious reasons. After all, websites cannot offer players drinks because they do not have these fancy restaurants or rooms where they could offer such services. Every game takes place in the digital world, hence, the Online Slot Bonuses are digital too and they have to be really tempting to win players over so that they would want to come back over and over. So what are the greatest offers then?

online slot bonuses chineseAs a matter of fact, it is not really Online Slot Bonuses that gets customers to come back. It is the big payback percentage they are given at online casinos, as compared to their landbased counterparts, especially the ones in Las Vegas. Truth be told, the chances of winning on the web are far bigger than those in physical casinos. No wonder why so many people today are making the switch from brick-and-mortar casinos to gaming websites. It is faster, it is easy to access from anywhere in the world and it increases your chances of winning.

What is more, the payback online is much higher than that offline, at least as far as slots are concerned. Whereas you can get more than 95% payback online, it is only 85% offline when playing at a Vegas slot. And higher payback simply means you will get more money if you win. The truth is, most games in Vegas are known for their low payback. There is no denying that their online versions are better and that they provide many opportunities for the hungry-for-adventure players. Even though you may wish to play for a small amount of money at an online casino, you still have bigger chances of winning bigger sums, whereas at physical casinos this is not the case at all.

Now, there are a few landbased casinos in Las Vegas that are worth playing at because they are notorious for their amazing payouts. We suggest you have a look at them in case one day you find yourself wandering the streets of the Sin City.

One of the worthwhile casinos is Luxor Casino, which is situated on the strip and has great payouts. Next is Arizona Charlie’s, which is located off-strip. A local casino called Silver Sevens is another great choice for the adventurous players. It is within walking distance of 10 minutes or so from the strip. A high-paying casino, located downtown, is El Cortez where you can also have lots of fun. And finally, one of the best picks is Sunset Station, which is situated off-strip too.

Online Slot Bonuses for Real Money

online slot bonuses extrraAnother bonus that is popular at online casinos and which can help you win money is the matched deposit. The name means that when you make a deposit at the casino and you claim the bonus, they will give you the same amount you deposited in the form of a deposit; hence you will double your money within minutes. For example, if you put $100 in your account, they will give you extra $100. You will then have a total of $200, which means more money to explore the slot games. You can use that for  video slots. But this is not all. There are casinos that give customers up to $500 match bonus. A deal to die for. So, if you put $100 in your account, you will automatically get extra $500. Now, this is an impressive bonus.

Please note that no matter what amount of money you receive in the form of a match bonus, you will not be able to withdraw it without playing it through a few times. See, casinos do not just give away money. They expect you to wager it. As we mentioned above, requirements for Online Slot Bonuses vary, but in most cases there is a minimum amount of money that you must wager before you are allowed to cash out your winnings. For example, you may have to play through around $2000 if you deposit $50 and get extra $50 in the form of 100% match up bonus. They calculate it the following way: (20 x bonus amount) + (20 x deposit amount). Of course, numbers may vary depending on the particular casino. As you can see, the more money they give you, the more you will be expected to play in order to withdraw the money.

The play-through requirements that are tied to these bonuses can be very challenging and sometimes they may seem impossible to meet. The worst thing you can do is despair. In the beginning, you will probably be a little frustrated, so get ready for that. Ideally, one day you will get used to it. This may be one of the reasons that some players do not ever claim these Online Slot Bonuses. They just do not think it is worth the effort. However, everyone wants different things, so there also are players who have fun with the bonuses.

There also are slots tournaments online, most of which do not require you to make any deposits. This means that you can play for free. This is not really a bonus, but it has great features.

Where to Get the Best Bonus Offers

online slot bonuses filmEveryone has their own understanding of what the best bonus offers are since they all want different things. This is why the most important thing is to get a bonus which gives you the opportunity to enjoy your favorite slot games. We assure you that all of the casinos mentioned here have amazing Online Slot Bonuses that are worth your time, so the only thing that you have to do is to find the ones that let you play the slots you are interested in. The best way to go is to scrutinize the home page of every casino to learn more about their slot bonus options for the featured games. Sometimes certain games come packed with certain bonuses, which can only be used for that particular game. Certainly, one of the most preferred bonuses is free spins because it lets you test the games without the need to fund your account.

The best casinos offer hundreds of Vegas slots, both new and classic, as well as a great deal of free slot credits. They also feature free spins, which, as we said before, are customers’ preferred type of bonuses. In some casinos, there are 10-20% cashback offers, with the chance of playing the latest exclusive games. As well as that, different 100-500% match up bonuses await you. The best part is, they also offer a variety of payment methods, from debit cards to e-wallets, e-vouchers, bank transfers, credit cards and others. The payout is quite high. Do not miss out on the opportunity to try your luck at any of these places and take advantage of the offers.

More About Bonus Slots

Three-reeled slots are no longer the norm. Gone are the days when casino customers would only be able to play the classic slot machines, so famous for their fruit layout. Slot games have advanced in the past few years. Now they come up with five and more reels, and plenty of features no one ever dreamed of. There are different Online Slot Bonuses that come with the slot games. Sometimes they give you the opportunity to play a new game as a bonus option. It is not just free spins that you get. There are all sorts of games offered by the best software providers, such as hidden objects, arcade games and shooting games. There are so many adventures behind them. Some are even packed with humor or romance. There is also movie action. Slots are also associated with some card games.

online slot bonuses neonAs we said above, there are a multitude of slots. They have various themes and interesting features and are not to miss out on if you are a fan of that kind of games. Most of all, you will be mesmerized by the astonishing number of slot games available to play for free. They have Online Slot Bonuses too. You just go and explore the games. You are sure to uncover amazing stuff while practicing to become a better player.

New users, who still do not have that much experience with this type of games, need to play multiple times in order to really feel it. It is recommended that you start practicing on free slots until you master the skill, and then you finally ace at it, feel free to move on to the serious games where you can win some money. If you are adventurous and when you feel confident enough, start betting if that is what you want. But do not jump straight to the real-money slots until you have become a little more experienced in this field. It will pay off. Patience is key.

And even though slots may seem to be games in which luck is predominant, we have to tell you that this is not true. In fact, it pays to have a strategy if you want to win the big money. If you are new to this, you will get to know it gradually. Just do not give up. There is a variety of entertaining games and Online Slot Bonuses awaiting you. More and more games are being created every day. Software developers come up with great ideas all the time because they know customers have to be entertained one way or another. This is why you will rarely find yourself disconcerted or end up bored to death. The varieties are so many that it will take you a long while to play all the games available online. What is more, they use the latest technology and incorporate stunning effects, cool sounds and 3D animations into the games to make them more appealing. This applies especially to video slot games, which seem to be the new norm. They look amazingly good and work on any mobile device, as well as screen size and resolution. You will be blown away. All you have to do is choose a game and get things going.

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