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Each and every month software suppliers introduce their new online slots to the gaming world. The purpose of this article is to let you know about the latest titles that deserve your attention. They come in different themes and colors and offer a variety of symbols and special rounds. They will not let you down in terms of quality, diversity and profits, as they are powered by big brands such as RGT, NetEnt, Microgaming and BetSoft. Whether you like more eccentric themes, the classic ones or futuristic ones, or maybe you like going back in time, no worries. The new online slot games suggestions will appeal to you. The more games you try, the more different themes you will come across, from far-away steppes to Elizabethan-related layouts, Chinese characters, quirky rock ‘n’ roll features, to safari and football themes. One moment you could be out to fish huge prizes, and in the next, you will find yourself helping monkeys in the jungle find some fruits. Interesting, challenging, and entertaining. This is what these new online slot games are about.

are the zeus slots among the new online slots

The developers have made sure you do not get bored for a second. They have come up with a little something for every taste. There is a multitude of different plots waiting to be unveiled in the new online slots. In addition to the sleek graphics, you will also be bombarded with different sounds, from wild to serene and romantic, which make the experience more realistic. Do not be afraid to dive into the sea of new online slot games where every game has its own secrets and perks. You will be bewildered by the multitude of options that a land-based casino can never offer. These games are compatible with all kinds of devices, from computers to tablets and smartphones, and they can be accessed through different operating systems. Some of them offer instant play modes, whereas others go as far as providing downloadable versions. There is something for everyone. Fun gameplay is guaranteed as long as you stick with any of the picks we have put together for you. Check this out.

New Internet Slots

Now, we would like to bring to your attention the new online slots that have been developed by the most prominent software suppliers in the last few months. Check it out.

The Hunt

If you are feeling wild, then why not go into the wild with this cool game? Powered by Cozy Games, The Hunt is a game that will blow your mind. It has 100 paylines and five reels. It takes you to the jungle where dangerous wild animals like lions and tigers growl. But of course, there is nothing to be afraid of because you will not be put in a situation where you have to fight for your life. Not at all. It is not about survival. You will be on the hunt for free spins and multipliers. The stunning graphics just add to the adventure, making the atmosphere more realistic and exciting. The spin button is in the shape of a paw. Nothing seems to be over the top. As for the sounds, it is almost like you are in the jungle for real. Grr!

The new online slot games game offers an auto spin option, making it easy for players to enjoy themselves with as little activity as possible. If you do not like having to spin the reel every couple of seconds, just make sure the autospin is on and you will be fine. You can tell the machine to spin from five to 25 times in a row on its own. When a certain amount of losses and winnings has been reached, you can decide to pause the game, i.e. you can set a limit of 50 times your stake, for example. Of course, you can choose to set no limits at all if you do not want to.

Consider trying this game and do not worry if your bet loses. With so many paylines, you surely are at an advantage. And as they say: “May the hunt favor you next time!”

Fishin’ Frenzy

do the new fishing frenzy slots offer great features

The second suggestion, part of the new online slots, is this glamorous game, called Fishin’ Frenzy. It is another themed game that deserves your attention. Supplied by Real Time Gaming, it sends players into the sea where fish and bait are in abundance. With them come different prizes and lots of free spins for those who dare spin the reel. All in all, there are ten paylines and five reels – quite not the number you would expect when it comes to new online slots games. This means that you may have to wait a little while before you get a winning combination. But that does not mean that you cannot hit it big with Fishin’ Frenzy. The big money will only come to those who are patient and persistent enough. Be of good cheer. Do not give up.

With the sea-themed game come the sounds of nature and the relaxing atmosphere that fishing is supposed to bring. This game is quite the opposite of the above one. It provides comfort and serenity, whereas The Hunt and its crazy sounds aim to excite you. If you are looking for a quiet day away from your troubles, give it a try. Bright colors and nice graphics will probably take you back to your childhood, but this is exactly why this game is so charming.

Fishin’ Frenzy new online slots game treats players to a special scatter symbol for the hungry. When you see a big boat into the ocean, you will know this is the symbol you have been waiting for. You need to hit at least three scatters to get free spins as an award. It does not matter where they are positioned. If you hit five scatters, you will get up to a total of 20 games free of charge. Sounds appealing.

The game features a number of fish-related icons, such as Pelican, Fishing rod, Life-ring, Box of bait, and Fish, to name a few. With them, you can make winning combinations. You will need to hit at least three identical icons on a payline to be successful. The more symbols appear, the bigger the winnings. As a whole, the game is enjoyable and should be on your list.

Frozen Diamonds

why should you bet on frozen diamonds slots

Next on our new online slots list is this chilly game. If you are tired of the sweltering heat of the summer, Perhaps Frozen Diamonds could help you cool yourself. It has a “frosty” design, with icy gem blocks containing different symbols that start to fall around when you spin the reel. Snow and ice in the middle of nowhere make the layout so clean and refreshing. The sounds are space-themed, making it feel like you are far, far away, and perhaps even on another planet.

There are 20 paylines and five reels. Gemstones have been used ever since video slot machines were invented, so it is a pretty classic theme, just a different layout. There are multipliers and wild symbols. You will come across purple gems, amber gems, green gems, red gems and wild gems, as well as many others. You need at least three of these on a payline in order to generate any profits. And if you manage to hit five icons of the same symbol, you can get up to 1,000x your bet.

There is a cascading reels feature which makes this new online slots game more exciting. It increases your chances of winning again and again after you hit a winning sequence. How does it work? When you obtain a winning combination, the winning symbols will disappear and will be replaced by new symbols, giving you the chance to get another winning combination. Isn’t that great?


But our new online slots catalog does not stop there. Maybe you have never been to the steppes and would like to embark on such a journey. If you like games where you have to conquer the world, Horsemen is all about that; only you are not going to use force. Instead, you are going to spin a reel and hope for the best.

This new online slots game is introduced by BallyWulff and comes with 40 fixed paylines and five reels. There are four symbol positions. The fixed payline amount means that you have to bet on all of them. The size of your bets and the number of symbols that appear will determine the rewards. There are different groups of symbols. There is the Mongol horse, eagle, violin and saddle, which allow you to get up to 20 times your bet. There also are classic card icons: an Ace, King, Queen, Jack.

The layout of this new online slots game is epic. In the background, you can see brown plains and the vast steppes of Mongolia. There is mist, adding to a mysterious atmosphere.

Tokidoki Lucky Town

how to find the new online slots of lucky town

The remarkable supplier IGT offers slot fans its new online slots game Tokidoki Lucky Town. With 40 paylines and five reels, the game is promising. Players are treated with a few interesting symbols like Unicorn, SANDy , Mozarella, Donutella, all iconic characters of the Tokidoki brand, as well as the special Tokidoki logo, which gives away the biggest payouts, up to 500x your bet. Of course, you have to hit at least three symbols that match to create a winning combination. Aside from these symbols, there also are an Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10.

What is more, you can unlock a special bonus round with the “Reel Reveal” feature. If you see a vinyl record symbol, you can get the bonus. However, the icon must be positioned on the fifth reel. Different characters will appear, rewarding you extra wilds, free spins, extra money, and plenty of other stuff. The colors are strong, the design is cool and the characters are a bit wacky; all the typical stuff of Tokidoki. The design is visually aesthetic.

The title of the new online slots game comes from a namesake Japanese brand. It is known for its cute graphics. If you are not familiar with them, you can get acquainted with them playing this game.

Lucky Dragons

If you are into Chinese symbols, go for Lucky Dragons, which comes with 50 paylines and five reels. The golden-red graphics will spark a fire in your heart. Dragons, tigers, fish, toads, and eagles will fall into the screen from above. Along with them, you will also encounter Buddha, bull’s heads and coins. Twinkling bells and flute music will fill the air. How exotic! Enter the world of dragons for a chance to win big.

Most of the symbols in the new online slots game are represented by golden animals. You need to line up at least three matching symbols to create a winning combination. If you manage to hit five golden bull’s heads, you will get the astonishing 800x your bet. The best part is, you only need two bull’s heads to create a winning combo, but if you are lucky enough, you may hit five. There also are scatter symbols, which reward you free spins. If you hit three Buddha symbols, you will get six free spins.

You can easily choose the amount of your bet by clicking on the plus and minus buttons located at the bottom of the game. There is an autoplay option if you wish to use it, but you can also spin the reel by yourself. The minimum bet per line can be one coin. The value of the coins is from €0.01 to €0.5.

Golden TV

are the slots of golden tv the best on the internet

We are continuing our new online slots breakdown with the next suggestion. You might as well want to try Golden TV slot, which is designed by SkillOnNet. It has 20 paylines and five reels. You had better keep your eyes on the game because things develop quickly.

You will be part of a musical show, and you will be given the chance to see what happens behind the scene. Hence, the design resembles a TV show and a concert hall. There is an animated character, a singer. Whenever you make a move, she will react to it. Once you hit the spin button, a number of icons will begin to fall from above: skateboards, discs, cassettes, microphones, sunglasses shoes and other genre-related stuff. The sunglasses symbol does not appear very often. It is one of the gems you had better land. If you do, you will be rewarded 1000 coins! No strings attached.

You can select the number of paylines; they are not fixed as it is with other new online slots games. Cash prizes await you. The only thing you have to do is land at least three matching symbols. If you win, you also get to play a mini-game within the game. You can double your payout if you manage to guess the boom box’s color. Similarly to Frozen Diamonds, when you run across a winning combination, the icons will vanish, and new icons will replace them, giving you the chance to multiply your winnings.

Dog ‘n’ Roll Slots

Are you up for some doggy characters with funny haircuts and some Rock ’n’ Roll music? You had better try this new online slots game titled Dog ‘n’ Roll and provided by Cozy Games. There is everything you want from a slot: lucrative rewards, scratch card, gamble features, scatters and wild symbols – all in one game. The canine representatives are all different, creating this crazy, eccentric and entertaining atmosphere that will grow on you after a few spins. You will not even miss the turbo mode available at other online slots but not present here. The design of the game is stunning. It is all about rock’n’roll. You get the chance to be in the spotlight and enjoy the quirky dogs. 20 paylines and five reels are available. The music in the background is thematic – you can hear guitar sounds all the way through.

where to find the dog and roll slot game

There is a wild card, the purpose of which is to substitute for icons to create a winning combination. Note that it cannot replace scatters and bonuses. If you land three scatter symbols, you will be given five free spins. There also are icons depicting different dogs. You need to hit a minimum of three matching characters to win. Icons pay from left to right. There also is an Ace, Jack, Queen and King, which trigger different payouts depending on the amount you hit at the same time. The new online slots game offers an auto spin option. You can set a loss and win limits, as well as how many times you want the reel to spin automatically for you. The number of spins can be 10, 25, 50, 75 and 100. When you land two matching symbols, a guitar sound lets you know followed by a dramatic sound, and a spotlight highlights the possible winning characters for you. If you do not win, the music stops. If you click on Pay tables, you can see how much every symbol pays out.

Cupid’s Arrow

Get ready to fall in love. Cupid’s Arrow is here. This new online slots title has 20 paylines and five reels and comes with a sugary layout. If you do romance, you will probably like the theme of this Cozy-Games-powered game. Fluffy clouds in the background add to the already romantic enough layout. Cute little symbols floating around depict all the trivial love-related stuff, such as Cherub, pink present, love necklace, dove, rose, lips symbol, male/female symbols, chocolate box, Teddy bear, and swans. There also are glittering stars. You can select the number of paylines you want to have in this new online slots title from the menu at the bottom of the window. The Cherub with an arrow gives away the biggest win – 3,000 times your bet. Next is the pink present, which rewards players 1,500 times their bets. The symbols that generate the smallest wins are the swans, Teddy bear and chocolate box. Five Teddies award 50 times your bet.

You can speed up the spinning thanks to the Turbo feature, which can be turned on from the side menu. This is where you can also access the pay table and check how much different symbols pay out.

There is a wild symbol in this new online slots game. It can be used to substitute for each and every symbol but scatters. The scatter symbol is represented by a red heart. If you land five matching icons, you will get 20 times your bet.

Jungle Monkeys

can you play games like jungle monkeys slots online

Part of the Ainsworth family, Jungle Monkeys offers players gorgeous layout and big prizes, as well as lots of fun. There are many things to love about this new online slots game. First of all, it is the design: very entertaining, colorful and beautiful. You can see trees and other vegetation in the background, while parrots are flying around and monkeys are swinging from the paylines before your very eyes. Typical jungle scenery.

Second, it is the prizes. Different fruits bring different prizes. For instance, coconuts reward up to 20,000 coins, bananas reward up to 10,000, and mangos can win you up to 100,000 coins. However, things will get even juicier if you manage to find five Scattered Barrels at once. They will reward you the massive 1,000,000 coins! Aside from that, you can come across parrots that will pave your way to 30,000 coins.

Third, there are 100 paylines that are not fixed, so you can choose how many you want to bet on. This boosts your chances of winning. All budgets are suitable for the game. One spin starts at as little as 0.01 coins. Last but not least, Jungle Monkeys is a very flexible and mobile new online slots game, just like the monkeys themselves. You can enjoy it on your smartphone without a problem.

Elizabeth White Queen

Elizabeth White Queen is a representative of the Cozy Games family. The plot of the game takes us back to the 16th century; to be more precise, in the Elizabethan era. The new online slots game has 40 paylines and five reels. There are different features that make the game enjoyable. A perfect pick for low rollers and high rollers at the same time. The theme offers some famous faces that lived during the 16th century. The gorgeous font complements the overall design of the game, which is simple, yet royal. And when you win, you can hear the feast of trumpets in the background. There is an info button that lets you know about the different icons and payouts to help you find your way around as quickly as possible.

The new online slots game features a free spins symbol. You need to land at least three of these to get a winning combination. Another two symbols, a cannon and archers, award up to 200 times your bet. As well as that, you will also have the chance to hit Shakespeare and Francis Drake. After all, the 16th century would not be the same without them. Both characters will pay up to 400 times your bet. And of course, we should not forget to mention the most important character – Queen Elizabeth. If you see her symbol on the paylines, you should know that it can act as a substitute for any other symbol. You can use it to obtain different winning combinations.

You can also come across card symbols, such as 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The latter brings the biggest payout: 50 times your bet (if you hit five matching symbols). Elizabeth White Queen also allows users to win free spins. They come with a shield symbol falling on the paylines.

Lil’ Lady Slots

what makes the online slots of lil' lady so popular

Yet another perfect addition to our new online slots collection is Lil’ Lady. It was probably designed by a romantic fellow, but it will surely appeal to everyone. Thanks to its cool features and big multipliers, every slot lover will enjoy the game. Get to see the green background filled with flowers. You need only one coin to start playing. If your budget is limited, give this slot a try.

You can choose to autospin, which will save you the effort of having to hit the spin button all the time. You can pick from 10 to 50 auto spins. A Paytable button is located at the bottom of the screen, containing all the important details about the different symbols and payouts. First of all, there are many flowers and bugs depicted on the icons, all of them with different values.

There is a wild symbol in the new online slots game. It can be used to substitute any of the symbols but the bonus one. You can activate five free spins if you land three bonus symbols. But who knows, during the free spins you may also unlock more free spins to enjoy. The round comes to an end when you run out of extra spins or on reaching the maximum amount of free spins, which is 255.

Super 20

Super 20 is one of the most delicious new online slots you will come across with on the web. It has a very clean layout. The background is purple, and the fruits look realistic. There is no need for more colors actually; the symbols themselves look great and also tasty. The sounds are not overwhelming. They are pretty simple.

Fruit slots are all-time classics. This new online slots game will come up to your expectations. The icons include blueberries, watermelon, blue plums, lemons, oranges, red cherries. They all bring different prizes. You need at least three matching icons to generate a win. You can hit it big. There a number of ways to get there. You can also gamble. When you win, you are given the opportunity to choose whether the card that will appear will be black or red. If you win, you will get your total amount doubled. However, keep in mind that you can lose the money you just earned from the last spin session if you do not guess the color correctly. You are not obliged to gamble if you do not want to. It is up to you. If you are feeling lucky, try this option.

The new online slots game features 20 paylines, hence its name. They are fixed. There is a progressive jackpot, which constantly increases as players spin the reel for real money. The game runs effortlessly and loads quickly. It has thrilling features, and you will surely enjoy it.

Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn

find the tom sawyer and huck finn slot machine

If you loved reading Tom Sawyer and other adventurous novels by Mark Twain in your childhood, try out our next new online slots pick for you: Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn. It is not uncommon for software suppliers to seek inspiration from literature. They love building their plots on popular characters. This game was created by BallyWulff. The quest of adventure will never end with this slot. The design follows the novel: a countryside road in the background takes players on a journey back to the 18th century. The scenery is hidden by the reels, though, and you can see only part of it, but it is enough to get a sense of the whole picture. The characters resemble cartoons, and the graphics are good.

The paylines, which amount to 10, are fixed. There are five reels in total. Every winning combination wins an additional mini-game, the purpose of which is to boost your winnings. However, if you do not get things right, you can lose your prize. The more symbols you line up, the bigger the cashout. There are different symbols. You can come across apple, paint bucket, pipe, and corn symbols. Landing the correct number of matching symbols will pay out up to 25 times your wager. The classic card symbols appear as well. You can hit an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10. However, they will generate smaller profits – only 10 times your bet. The most valuable icon is the Huckleberry Finn symbol can get you up to 50 times your wager.

The wild card in the new online slots game is represented by the Tom Sawyer symbol. You can either create a wild combination that will pay out 100 times your wager or use one of the icons to replace another symbol and create a winning combination.

Alice in Dreamland

The last of the new online slots we would like to talk about is Alice in Dreamland. It comes with stunning graphics, and you should check it out if the layout is a priority to you. The characters are animated. You see them in motion when you hit a winning combination. This is when things get exciting in terms of the graphics. It is a beautiful layout, with Alice herself positioned on the left side of the screen. The music resembles that of a cartoon. It is all magic and fantasy, which makes the game so attractive to players.

There are different symbols in this exciting new online slots game, bringing players different profits. The cat pays out the biggest prize up to 300 times your bet. The frog is the least valuable symbol, paying 60 times you wager. There also are Duchess, father, mouse, King of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, turtle and caterpillar icons. There is a wild card aiming to replace other icons as necessary to create winning combinations. It is depicted as the White Rabbit. If such appears, you will be a witness to Alice falling down. You have to click “Stop” to keep her from falling into the hole. This will trigger a multiplier. The bonus symbol is represented by Alice. Three symbols together will unlock the bonus feature, which is quite interesting, especially for the lovers of Alice in Wonderland. You have to choose between Eat me or Drink me. Which one do you pick? Try out the game and figure it out yourself. This part is followed by two more parts, which offer other exciting challenges.

what do the alice in dreamland slots offer

Last but not least, the new online slots game offers a scatter symbol called Crazy Hat. If you land three matching icons, you will be awarded from ten to 30 free spins. The number of spins is based on the multiplier you have received earlier.

Lastly, we would like to mention the fact that the title of the game is not exactly the same as the famous story. The names of the characters are slightly changed as well, probably for copyright reasons.

Without a doubt, the game has a lot of features and offers players an unforgettable experience. Not only is it appealing to the eyes (it rocks!), but also has some unique features. Do not miss it out. You are going to be satisfied.

Slots for Real Money and Slots for Free

What you will like the most about the new online slots is that you can play the games free of charge. That is right. You do not have to place any bets to try out the slots. There is a free-play mode that allows you to test the games as much as you need before you place your wagers. That way, you can switch from slot to slot without losing a cent. If you just want to enjoy yourself without the betting part, go ahead and explore the options. But if you plan to wager some day, be sure to first try out the demo versions and keep playing until you get stronger. Some games have jaw-dropping jackpots that you can take a chance on. Some of them are progressives. You can watch them get bigger and bigger while you are playing. And who knows, some day one of these may come straight into your bankroll. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Features of New Online Slots Machines

Not only do the new online slot games online have an amazing makeover, but they also come with stunning features and perks that increase the chances of winning and make the gameplay much better and more entertaining than ever. Things improve with every new game introduced to players. Aside from the traditional free spins, there also are more symbols, multi-way wins, bonus rounds, multiple grids, stacked wilds, mini games within the game and what not. All these features help you multiply your winnings.

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