Famous Types of Casino Slot Machines Online

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Without a doubt, fans of casino slot machines are at a huge advantage. They can play on physical devices at landbased casinos and virtual machines in the digital world, known as the Internet. There is a diversity of slot games at both places. And there also are different types of devices and games. The best part is, you can always find directions on how to play a certain game, usually displayed somewhere near the slot. Before you start your journey to the amazing world of slots, we think you should look into the various categories and subcategories that these things are divided into. No worries. We have you covered. Down below, you can read more about the different types of casino slot machines, as well as physical slots, as we are going to touch on both.


In the first place, this type of devices uses more than one coin. Their most prominent feature is that the payout is multiplied. How much it will be multiplied is based on the number of coins a player will bet. In most cases, for one coin they are given 1x, for two coins – 2x, and so on and so forth. The first Multiplier was developed in 1987 by Bally. Its goal was to urge people to bet more money when playing the slots. A simple example of how it works: if you bet one single coin, you will win $5 on hitting three sevens. But if you bet two coins instead, hitting three sevens will win you $10. Simple as that. The payout is pretty much proportional when it comes to Multipliers; however, it is way bigger on huge winnings, especially if you have placed the maximum bet.

Bonus Multipliers

With this type of casino slot machines, if you played three coins, which is normally the maximum number you can play, you will be rewarded an extra bonus. There are different bonuses depending on the machine you are playing at, as well as the casino itself. In most cases, if players bet two coins, they get a 20-coin payout; if they bet one coin, they are rewarded a 10-coin payout – that is not a promo you can get at a card game. Three coins, though, means that they can get a 50-coin payout. The bonus is only given when the player hits a specific combination.

Progressive Slots

casino slot machines stand aloneWith this type of slot machines, there is a joint jackpot, which can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Usually, it is formed by a group of machines that are linked together, and it grows bigger every time a player bets on any of the machines. In other words, every coin counts. When somebody inserts a coin into the machine, a small percentage of their amount is added to the jackpot. The more players bet, the bigger the jackpot will get until someone wins it all. The best part is, if they hit the jackpot, it does not go back to $0. Instead, it starts at a predetermined amount. That way, it can get higher in the blink of an eye. Every casino charges a different percentage. The number is usually never higher than 15%. Since this is a network, players around the world might be able to participate. If you want to be entitled to win the progressive jackpot, you may have to place the maximum bet they have.

One of the best things is that progressive slots are available both at online and landbased casinos. So, if you like the good, old landbased slots, you can make a trip to one of the casinos situated in your area. To make progressives more fun and more attractive, sometimes casinos from one state link together their casino slot machines, giving players the chance to compete for astonishing jackpots. For instance, a $14 million jackpot was hit in the States in 2014. Of course, huge jackpots are not easy to hit. You will certainly have more chances of winning if you go for the smaller progressives.

There is no doubt that this type of slots is growing in popularity. This is one of the reasons casinos get more creative and resourceful in the way they offer progressives. For example, some operators use other online platforms to generate their jackpots.

It is important to note that there are smaller payouts than they normally are when it comes to progressive slots, unless, of course, you win the jackpot. The reason for this is that a fraction of the bet is sent to the jackpot pool. This is one of the requirements you need to consider and you also need to comply with the rule saying that you have to bet the maximum number to qualify for the progressives.

Multi-Game Machines

One of the best things about this type of casino slot machines is that players can have fun with multiple games without taking the trouble to move on to other machines. A slot of this type may offer slots, blackjack, video poker and video keno, all in one place. What is more, players can often play using different denominations. For instance, you can play video poker in a one-dollar denomination and move on to a game of video keno in a quarter denomination.

Note that a great number of casinos often the opportunity to play free slot machines.

Reel Casino Slot Machines

casino slot machines 3dEvery slot machine has reels. The most common ones are three-reel machines, although five reels are also becoming popular. You know that thing which has a number of symbols on it and spins? This is the reel. The goal is to hit a winning combination of symbols (different slots have different winning combinations). If you do, you win money. If you don’t, you lose. The payout on a particular combination is higher when the chances of lining up the symbols in that particular order are smaller. The reels these days are represented as an image, rather than metal hoops as the majority of slots are now generated by computers. A special random number generator (RNG) is used to determine the end result of a game. It is what ensures that the outcomes are random indeed.

  • Three-reel slots: As we mentioned above, three reels are the classics. They were introduced by Charles Fey. They come in many variations and offer plenty of symbols. It has to be said that they are getting replaced by modern technology, though. Today, it is likely to find these machines in a number of landbased casinos, although operators keep them because they have sentimental value.
  • Five-reel slots: In the past, no one would imagine that slots could come with more than three reels; however, technology proved them wrong. Five-reel slots were the new norm after their introduction. Adding more reels to the machines made it possible for more challenging and exciting combinations, as well as more paylines and more symbols. That resulted in rise of the payout. The reason for this is that more money is needed to bet since the paylines are more than usual. It definitely adds to the fun.

Now, it does not matter whether you are playing a three-reel or a five-reel slot. They both come with nice themes that make the games so thrilling. You will enjoy a number of ‘scenarios’ evolving before your very eyes.


As you know, slots have lines. They are a vital feature of every machine. It is called a “payline” when a winning combination is displayed on the screen. In the past, slots would have one payline and would accept one coin. However, nowadays’ machines are able to accommodate more paylines and to accept more coins because modern games are based on computer software and are much easier to improve. Years ago, there were only straight lines as far as computer-generated paylines were concerned. Later on, developers found out how to make zigzag and diagonal paylines.

casino slot machines multigameNeedless to say, classic casino slot machines usually boast one single payline, which is situated at the very center of the screen. A player wins if he or she manages to achieve a certain combination of winning symbols.

However, with the evolution of slots and the introduction of five-reel machines, paylines grew in numbers. Multiple paylines increase your chances of hitting it big. They also give you the opportunity to win something more often than usual. Typically, there are slots with three and five paylines, but a 25-payline machine is also common. There also seems to be a new-generation slot, which removes the need to use paylines. It pays out if a player hits a certain group of symbols displayed in the correct order. The game is known as “243 ways”.

For a line to pay, you have to bet on it. That would “activate” it. This refers to multi-payline slots. A lot of players go with this type of machines without having the know-how and end up wondering why they did not win anything. Then they have to learn while playing. Remember, it is best to familiarize yourself with the rules before you start playing. That way you can avoid misunderstandings and disappointment.

In terms of landbased casino slot machines, one has to insert a coin to activate the payline. Usually, what happens after that is, a special indicator turns on demonstrating the activation of the payline. It simply lights up the screen.

3D Slot Machines

Now, even though multi-payline slots seem like the new generation, there is a better version. It is 3D slots. They are very attractive and offer customers a variety of storylines provided with 3D technology. They include romantic encounters, action and adventure. Currently, very few casinos feature 3D slots, the reason being they are still relatively new. If you are interested in playing this type of slots, make sure to look for an operator that can address your needs. It is just a matter of time before they start offering three-dimensional software everywhere.

Buy-a-Pay Casino Slot Machines

With this type of slots, you can buy yourself a combination of winning symbols. Every coin counts toward a winning combo. All it takes is the right number of coins. You will not get paid if you do not put enough coins in to trigger a winning combination. The machines take up to five coins. Based on the number of coins you insert, there are different winning combinations. For instance, one coin might mean that the only possible winner are three cherries. So if you hit three bars, you will win nothing. Be it as it may, if you put more coins in, you will have better chances of winning because there will be more combinations of winning symbols.

casino slot machines big berthasImagine the machine you are playing at has the following possible combinations: bananas, cherries and watermelons. If you insert one single coin, this means you are buying one combination. Hence, only the bananas will pay out. If you insert two coins, both the bananas and cherries will pay out. Thus, if you want to get paid, you have to insert three coins so that the watermelons pay out as well.

This type of slots might seem a little tricky to you at first, and it surely is. It takes time to get used to it and also to recognize the buy-your-pay machines. Soon you will be able to tell them apart just by a peek at the payout schedule available on the device.

Though this type of casino slot machines can be classified as “endangered species”, you can still come across a few of them in casinos. You need to remember one thing here: if you want to unlock all the winning combinations, you need to use all the coins that can be used.

Video Slot Machines

When people say video slots, they usually refer to those computer-generated games, whose symbols and reels are digitalized. And if reel slots usually have a few paylines, video slots can come with as many as 9, 15 and 25 paylines, not to mention there even are machines that feature 30 and 100 paylines. But that is not all. Aside from the generous amount of paylines, these types of machines also feature different kinds of bonuses, the purpose of which is to increase a player’s winnings. These bonuses might be in the form of extra rounds and modes that add to the fun. As a whole, video slots are interesting.

Touch-Screen Machines

You may be surprised to see how much technology has evolved when it comes to casino slot machines. These days you can even come across a good piece with touch screen where a player’s interaction with the slot is made easy as pie. A multitude of manufacturers use this method when building their machines. It has a few advantages and the truth is, it just looks good. However, it also allows players to rest their hands while playing. We are talking about a few models in particular. What is typical of them is that their screens are embedded into a shelf or table, which provides more space for the users.

Big Berthas

Big Berthas are the biggest casino slot machines they create around the world. They are supposed to attract players to a casino. They place them very close to the entrance where people can see them. They usually have three reels. They can also come with five reels or more. One of the disadvantages is that they do not have a very big payout percentage.

casino slot machines to play

Wild Play Machines

The Wild play machines can multiply your winnings if you line up a combination that offers wild symbols. If there is one symbol, you will get to double your winnings; if the symbols are two, then you will quadruple your winnings. Three symbols, however, have their own special combination of winning.

The payout ratios range from machine to machine, so you had better check out the screen of the device before you start playing. This type of machines grew in popularity with the introduction of the Double and Triple Diamond machines by IGT. At that point, a diamond would represent the wild symbol. Since the slots were very appealing to customers, casinos made lots of profit by them.

Single-Coin Machines

Since casino slot machines have evolved so much that they now accept more than one coin, single-coin machines have been left behind. It is going to be difficult to find such a device these days. Maybe there is one or two, sitting at an old casino, waiting to be played at. But in most cases, operators want to equip their casinos with the latest slots which they know will attract customers. They do their best to provide more opportunities for users to have fun. They also want to make more money themselves, which is why they choose to supply their casinos with more profitable machines. And truth be told, single-coin machines do not generate as much profit as the latest devices.

Stand-Alone Slots

A stand-alone slot refers to a machine which is not linked to other machines that feature together a progressive jackpot pool. This means that there is a much higher payout, which is great news for players who do not wish to play progressive slots. One can see the payout schedule on the device. Using this type of machines will help you conserve your bankroll. Not to worry, a fraction of your bet will not be added to a jackpot pool. All the money will count toward the final prize. So, if you are not into progressives, this is the slot machine for you.

Further Categorizations

There also are other categories and subcategories of online slot machines, which we feel like telling you about. They may seem unimportant, but it does not hurt to learn more about them too. Take a look.

Slot Machines Class II and Class III

casino slot machines gameIn the United States, casino slot machines are often categorized into classes. The classification is not about gaming features like mobile usage or software, but about the odds for the players to win. Class III games are the ones you will stumble upon in casinos in Atlantic City, Reno and Las Vegas, as well as many other casino destinations. They are also known as “Vegas-style” machines. Each reel spin produces an outcome. It is not possible to predict what is going to happen, whether a player will win or lose. The spins are independent. Also, each game has different parameters. With this type of games, users play against the house.

Class II games are typical of smaller casino destinations. They are similar to lottery or bingo games. With this type of slots, users compete against each other, rather than against the house. Their goal is to win a jackpot. The mechanism of the machine is not like that of a traditional slot machine, although it looks like it. Rather it is based on bingo games. That is, every set of numbers has a predetermined number of losses and wins, and the game’s end results depend on the others’ results.


Another way of discerning casino slot machines is by the different denominations they accept. Some slots work with dollars; others allow you to use pennies. And there also are machines that let you use multiple denominations. The most widespread are dollars, quarters, nickels and pennies.

Tight and Loose Slot Machines

Perhaps this category is not so important, but since it exists, we deiced to look into it as well. A tight game is one that does not pay that much money, whereas a loose game tends to provide higher payouts more often. In most cases, it is difficult to tell whether a game is loose or tight. It is pretty subjective too. It all comes down to a person’s own judgment. Usually, if you want to know whether a slot machine or an online slot is tight or loose, you can read tons of opinions on the Internet. There are many places where these topics are discussed. If you know what you are looking for, you will find it in the blink of an eye.

Landbased Slot Machines vs. Online Slot Games

casino slot machines wildYou know what a landbased slot is. You have seen it in your local casino. It is a physical machine with a handle and reels, and all the mechanism behind it. On the other hand, online slots are available virtually. You cannot touch them other than touching the screen of your computer or smartphone. They are played on the Internet. They resemble the Vegas-style slots; however, they are much more developed, come in interesting themes and offer far more opportunities than physical casino slot machines. Since they are all based on computer software, they allow for more diversity. One of the differences is that the winnings are tackled on the Internet. Also, players cannot get their money instantly. Most of the time, they have to wait for a couple of days before the money goes into the private accounts. Processing time is a huge factor. A great advantage of online slots is that there is a much higher payout percentage, which often amounts to 95%. This is because online casinos do not have as many costs as their landbased counterparts.

Bonus Games

During your gaming journey, you will often come across casino slot machines that feature different bonuses. This is one more reason for players to choose in favor of slots. Most of the time, the bonus comes in the form of separate games that users cannot play otherwise. They can also get free spins. Bonus games have payouts too. Generally speaking, their amount depends on the amount of the bet that unlocked the bonus.

Additionally, there are “scatter” symbols, which help players win more easily. You have to know that they come with their own requirements, so you need to learn more about them before you begin playing. One thing is for sure, you have bigger chances of winning with scatters than with the regular combinations. In the end, you will be given free spins. Again, the payouts depend on the amount you bet when you unlocked the bonus.

Slots Tournaments

If you want more than spinning the wheel of Casino Slot Machines, you can try one of those slot tournaments. Of course, you should be prepared to pay a buy-in fee. The most common fee is $25. If it goes up, so does the payout. This means that you can walk away with a big amount of money, as long as you win. There are hundreds of online casinos that host slots tournaments. You can get all the information you need about the event on their websites. They provide details about the payout pool, the buy-in fees, the start of the tournament and other important things every participant should know. There are a multitude of tournaments, so if you want to play it safe and conserve your bankroll, you can choose one whose buy-in is small.

In the coming decades, slots will continue to evolve. Suppliers and manufacturers will come up with innovative machines that will coax users into spending their money. Today, casino slot machines are packed with an astonishing number of features, symbols and bonus games that can make your heart sing. In the future, they will become better and better, with more options for low- and high-rollers. And since technology is improving, online slot games will become better and better, there is no doubt about it. So, if you enjoy playing slots, whether at landbased machines or over the Internet, now you will have more confidence and will be able to distinguish them very easily.

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